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(English) Hostalets de Catalunya, now known as HCC Hotels, keep their traditions alive

By | 4 January, 2018 | 0 comments

HCC Hotels continues to keep up traditions and operating Hostalets de Catalunya to continue offering its customers truly unique destinations.

Ruta en Amposta

Berga and Amposta have become two very important sites for HCC Hotels, where guests can enjoy the nature and tranquillity that you’ll only find beyond the big cities. We can’t recommend these authentic andquietlocations enough.

HCC Ciutat de Berga in the Berguedá region

HCC Ciutat de Berga can be found just 109 kilometres outside of Barcelona, just a short hop when you experience the amazing panoramic views offered by the Berguedá region.

This summer season is the perfect time for a short break to reap the benefits of HCC Ciutat de Berga’s offers, including canoeing, where you’ll find yourself at one with nature, or perhaps enjoying a thrilling visit to a local textile colony, or maybe just sitting back to enjoy the romance of the Berguedá landscape.

HCC Montsià in Amposta: discover the Delta del Ebro

If you want to experience the Delta del Ebro, one of the most charming places on earth, then Amposta is the place for you. HCC Montsia is located in the city centre, just before the entrance to the Delta del Ebro itself.

Catalan’s amazing food and drink plus thebeautiful landscapes will welcome you with open arms to this perfect getaway spot at the heart of the Amposta region. Explore the best deals from HCC Montsia this summer to discover the delta by bicycle, visiting MónNatura as a couple or with your family, or even as part of a romantic weekend getaway.

Completely switch off from the world and reap the benefits of your escape into nature. A full recharge of your batteries and total relaxation is guaranteed, so you can return from your trip fully charged and raring to go.

HCC Ciutat de Berga and HCC Montsia are fantastic bases for your next trip if you’re looking for something a little different from the norm. Get ready to experience an amazing trip to the very heart of nature!

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