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(English) Liceu de Barcelona, the city’s artistic side in all its glory

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Barcelona offers a multitude of attractions when it comes to its cultural offering. From museums and art galleries to all kinds of venues spread throughout the city, the city’s cultural scene truly culminates in the Liceu de Barcelona, where the Catalan capital becomes a cultural and artistic world capital in its own right. But besides being the stage that has hosted some of the biggest voices and symphony orchestras on the international music scene since 1847, the Liceu theatre is also a demonstration of the city’s firm commitment to art in all its forms.


Established in response to 19th century Barcelona’s love of opera, today, Liceu theatre offers a musical programme of the highest quality – not forgetting the great architectural significance of the building itself, one of the great jewels of Catalan modernism, whose historical past is even more interesting thanks to the many events that have shaped the building over the years.

Liceu’s programme of events make it one of the most prestigious theatres in the world of opera. But its commitment to sharing more and more culture with locals and tourists alike has led to the incorporation of a wide range of different artistic events and styles, where the common thread is always wonderful music and a programme of activities, often specifically designed with a younger audience in mind.  Their educational projects go far beyond the norm, which is particularly well-reflected in the Petit Liceu project. This is an initiative that aims to take full advantage of a space with such great architectural value as the Liceu, offering a broad range of activities related to all things dance, art and expression, without neglecting the venue’s commitments to training both amateurs and professionals, of course.

Espai Liceu

The cherry on top of this wonderful artistic centre with an undeniable reputation has to be the Espai Liceu, which was opened in 2016. A 950m2 space with five stages, here, visitors can enjoy a wide range of great food and drink, cultural and shared experiences, all in a truly innovative format where Catalan culture takes centre stage. A wide range of gastro-food alongside sensory experiences aimed at the whole family is where guests can experience Catalan cuisine served up by some of the very best chefs in the city.

With Espai Liceu, there’s a clear commitment to improving and diversifying what visitors can enjoy at the Gran Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona, giving even more added-value to an already world-renowned cultural centre.

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