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(English) Puerto Olímpico, the perfect leisure spot on the banks of the Mediterranean

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Barcelona’s Puerto Olímpico is without doubt one of the city’s biggest attractions, as the waters of the Mediterranean gently bathe Barcelona’s glamorous shoreline and lend an extra-special warm and welcoming character to the area’s wide range of leisure options. It’s hard to imagine Barcelona without the Mediterranean, without Barceloneta beach or without all the potential that Puerto Olímpico offers the city. After all, this part of Barcelona has been the beating heart of the city since it was redeveloped for the Olympic Games in 92.

Puerto olímpico Barcelona


Unlike other leisure destinations across Barcelona, Puerto Olímpico gives visitors a multitude of different options and attractions to enjoy, all within a few steps of each other. Here, you’ll find plenty of shops, night life and great restaurants, making the area a must-see destination for tourists whilst also remaining a key part of Barcelona’s marine industry. A total of 740 moorings make up the nautical landscape here, with sail boats and some of the biggest, most expensive yachts in the world all docked here, both for recreation and leisure. Although many are privately owned, it is possible for visitors to enjoy the stunning blue waters of the Mediterranean by renting a boat tour, either with or without a crew. The sporting prowess of Barcelona can be found here in San Martín, where you’ll see all the runners and cyclists making the most of the cooling breeze coming off the Mediterranean to exercise day in, day out.

But the sporting spirit of Puerto Olímpico in Barcelona gives way to a decidedly fiesta vibe as soon as the night draws in. The wide range of entertainment options on offer include some of the city’s most famous bars, restaurants and nightclubs, including the Gran Casino de Barcelona, which have all made this part of the city a must-visit destination for those looking for fabulous night life and great food and drink in Barcelona. Two huge towers, Torre Mapfre and Hotel Arts, mark the start and end of the bustling night life district, and you can access a wide range of top evening destinations from the promenade itself. The variety here is enormous, from places that do great cocktails in a more formal setting to relaxed and casual spots serving some of the best beers and mojitos in town. There’s also a huge variety of musical styles on offer in the bars and clubs here, including modern and Latin music, naturally, which attract huge numbers of tourists, as well as places that specialise in rock, hip-hop, electronic and Arabic music – not forgetting the much-loved live music options.

Puerto de Barcelona is about three key ingredients – the water, the food & drink and the night life, all bathed in the unmistakably beautiful aroma of the wonderful Mediterranean creating a truly unique atmosphere.

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