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(English) 10 Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel

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Booking a hotel to enjoy a few days of relaxation or exploring the sights of a particular city is undoubtedly the most important decision you’ll make to ensure your stay is as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Although nowadays there are plenty of ways you can make a hotel reservation, the truth is that the things to keep in mind – so as not to make mistakes – will always remain the same. The advantage of the modern world is that offers are always appearing and you have the option of making detailed comparisons of prices and services. Furthermore, the world of online bookings has introduced a new, but no less interesting variable: guest reviews. So we’ve put together the ten most important factors that must be taken into consideration when making your reservation.

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  1. Location

Aside from the fact that you can use a car or other means of transport, the location of a hotel is a key factor. For example, in big cities like Barcelona, it’s important to choose a centrally located place to stay, allowing you to move freely and avoiding unnecessary costs in time and money. And if we’re talking about a trip to a place of natural beauty, the proximity of your hotel to the places you want to visit and the beauty of its surroundings will be paramount.

  1. Category

The number of stars a hotel has will be fundamental to the quality and variety of its services. In Spain, this factor is very controlled, so if you opt for accommodation that has three stars or more, you’ll have the security that it’s going to be a reputable and quality company. In other countries, the scene changes a little and, occasionally, what could be a four or five star hotel in Europe is actually at the level of a three star hotel in Spain.

  1. Price

Price is a variable that you’ll need to view in relation to the previous two factors to make a final decision. The more stars and better location, the higher the price. You should look for attractive offers and packages that include other added services, and always visit the official website of the hotel to check first hand all of its features. Check if you have a promotion or if it offers discounts for making online reservations directly on its website, or by other means.

  1. If you’re booking online, make sure that the website can be trusted

Online bookings are overwhelmingly popular in the hotelindustry, but you should take into account the site on which you make your booking. You should read all the terms and conditions of your reservation, especially if it is part of an offer. If it’s the official website of the hotel in question, then you will be able to trust it completely.

  1. Services

Depending on the kind of stay you want to have, an important aspect is to know about the services of the hotel beforehand. Whether the hotel has a restaurant, a pool or parking, to give just a few examples, will allow guests to make a clearer decision about whether it will make their escape more or less special.

  1. Payment method

Normally, payment for the reservation is taken once you’ve arrived at the hotel. Guests should be aware of how this will be done so you can verify it yourself.

  1. Catering

Sometimes there are hotels that provide fantastic accommodation with breakfast included, which adds more quality to your stay as you avoid having to go out and about to find your first meal of the day. For a visit to a big city, for example, it’s a highly recommended option, but if you’re planning a family holiday on the beach, customers need to decide if they’re more interested in an all-inclusive option, half-board or full-board.

  1. Type of rooms

This is important according to the group you’ll be travelling with, whether it’s with your family, friends or partners, and to know how to choose the best option for the type of room you’re going to be staying in, to be as comfortable as possible, choosing between single, double or triple rooms for adults and children, or interconnecting rooms, according to your needs.

  1. Location of rooms

When making reservations, you can select or show preference for a room with certain views, having the windows towards the outside or the inner courtyards. In this case, you’ll need to find out if it’s a noisy street or if the panoramic views are deserving of a little more money…

  1. Guest reviews

Although it’s a section that must be taken with caution, it’s good to know the experiences of other customers who’ve stayed at a hotel. Websites where users can only leave their opinion if they’ve previously stayed at the hotel will always be more reliable, as it eliminates any biased or unfair reviews.

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