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(English) 5 water sports to enjoy in the summertime in Barcelona

By | 19 July, 2016 | 0 comments


One of the best things about visiting Barcelona in the summertime is the wide variety of water sports available. Not only can visitors enjoy a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean or sunbathe on one of the 9 beaches in Barcelona, they can also take advantage of the many thrilling water sports that are on offer.

Below are some of the most popular activities.


There is no better way to cool off than a ride on a jetski. On your own or with someone else, feel the cool breeze on your face at high speed whilst doing a water sport full of adrenaline.


This activity allows participants to fly above the water on a special board. You have to try to keep your balance to stay in the air but the water helps to propel you back up if you fall down. Participants can also practice their ability to jump high.


The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean hide many treasures and diving is the perfect way to explore the coral. Previous experience is necessary to participate in this activity.

Paddle Surf

Don’t be deceived by the name as paddle surf has absolutely nothing to do with the racket sport popular in Spain! Participants can experience the feeling of walking on water whilst standing on a surfboard using an oar to move along. It may look like a relaxing activity, but as participants learn how to keep their balance they may fall into the water on more than one occasion!

Boat Ride

Unlike the other activities listed here, a boat ride is an ideal activity for all, and the type of boat that visitors choose to take makes no difference as everybody will certainly be able to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean and the incredible views of Barcelona, as well as watching the sun go down from the perfect spot.

These are just a few of the water sports available during the summer in Barcelona. Reserve your room in one of our hotels in the centre now and get ready for a holiday full of excitement and adrenaline!

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