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(English) The Five Best Comic Stores in Barcelona to Enjoy at FICOMIC 2017

By | 6 September, 2017 | 0 comments

Barcelona is a real paradise for comic book fans. It’s a part of Spain where there’s much more interest in geek culture. You’ll find stores specialised in comic books, manga, role-play and science fiction, but more than that, you can enjoy the famous annual convention, Ficomic 2017.


Ficomic 2017 will be held from March 30th to April 2nd 2017 at the Fira de Barcelona, and you can buy your ticket directly at the entrance of the venue, which will open at 9 am, or get your ticket in advance from the website of the 35th international Barcelona comic con 2017.

Comic book fans who come to FICOMIC 2017 will get to enjoy all the latest goings-on in the industry at the specialist shops in Barcelona, in addition to experiencing all the wonderful events held at the international convention. Here, we’ll tell you about the best places in Barcelona to buy comic books.

Freaks, calle Alí Bei

Together with several stores specialising in various film genres we have Freaks, a store focussing on limited edition comics. Freaks publishes its very own printed comic, Double Dose, with a huge following by readers. A must-see destination.

Norma Cómics, Passeig de Sant Joan

It might just be the biggest comic book store in all of Barcelona. Two floors make it a comic‑lover’s paradise. Here you’ll find whatever comic you’re looking for, from the most current to the ancient classics.

Continuará, Via Laietana

They continue to specialise in older or discontinued comics. If you’re looking for that old edition missing from your collection, then a visit to this store is a must, where you can finally complete the set.

Gigamesh, Ronda Sant Pere

They were the pioneers of importing and distributing the famous Magic Cards. At Gigamesh, besides its enormous collection of comics, you’ll find a broad cross-section of books from science fiction and fantasy, all in huge demand by readers of the genre.

Antifaz, Gran de Gràcia

The oldest comic book store in Barcelona. They have a vast collection of comics, but they also take care to include all the new materials and products that comic fans love.

HCC Open is one of our closest hotels to the Fira de Barcelona, so if you’re visiting FICOMIC 2017, you can stay right next to the event and won’t have to travel far.

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