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(English) The Most Unique Shops in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

By | 11 April, 2017 | 0 comments

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona has many tourist attractions that make it a must-see place in the Spanish city. The charms of its narrow streets, the beauty of its monuments, countless hidden corners and unique spaces are just some of the attractions in one of the most influential quarters of Barcelona. But, more than that, it’s also a place that’s quite attractive to people who love shopping.Barrio Gótico

To stroll through the streets of the Gothic Quarter is to journey through the history of the city. The Cathedral of Barcelona, Plaça Nova, Santa María del Pi, the Palace of the Generalitat, Plaza de SantFelipNeri… these are just a glimpse into the importance of the neighbourhood. Shopping lovers will also find the perfect place to indulge in a spending spree. Big multinational chains like Zara, Pull & Bear, H&M, Mango, Berska, Levis, Benetton and Desigual all mingle with antique stores and specialty shops that have resisted the passage of time to survive fashions by offering unique and exclusive products.

Walking the streets of the Gothic Quarter takes you on a tour where time just seems to stop. Discovering some of the more unique outletsallows you to travel back in time and let yourself be carried away by unusual but charm-laden products.  Some of these establishments include:

Sombrerería Mil and Obach

Two of the most illustrious hat shops in Barcelona. Their products have dressed the great characters in the history of this city. The first, located on calleFontanella at number 20, was one of the first specialist shops in Barcelona. With more than a century and a half of history, it has managed to adapt to modern times and combine top brands with more affordable products. The second, located on calle del Call at number 2, is a family business that was founded in 1924. Specialising in selling men’s hats, you can also find caps, berets and Catalan barretinas.

La Veintinueve

A paradise for retro trends located on calleAvinyó at number 29. Vintage style shoes and clothing with a touch of something different is the main look at this original store.


Colour and fantasy find their perfect match on calle Carmen at number 5, selling bold, limited-edition clothing.


Since 1941 the Ribes family have been offering artisan confectionery products and baked goods on calleLibretería at number 8. Easy to find, simply because of the great smells given off by their oven, the San Jorge bagels are very famous indeed.

Mesón del Café

On calleLibretería at number 16, in a bohemian atmosphere you’ll find a café paradise. It retains the original décor and gives off the same aromas and flavours as way back in 1929. Recognised as the best coffee in all of Barcelona, this place has seen the great and good of the city all pass through their doors over the years.


Wedding dresses, vintage clothing, lace and antique textiles of the 20th century are all sold at this store on calledelsBanys Nous at number 20. It even has its own workshop where they repair some of the vintage goods they acquire.


On Baixada de Santa Eulàlia at number 4 we set off on a journey through time in this store where antiques are bought and sold. Offering antique telephones, phonographs, photography equipment, old radios and a myriad of other everyday products, it’s all a journey through the history of Spain itself.

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