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(English) 5 places to get the best Vermouth in Barcelona

By | 25 April, 2016 | 0 comments

It´s common knowledge Fashion is cyclical in nature. Sooner than later, trends do come back and become fashionable again. Looking at the renewed popularity of it, some might think of Vermouth as an example of a trend that is making a comeback however, we might need to look a little further to fully understand the Vermouth phenomenon. Traditionally linked to the Spanish culture “going for a Vermouth” or “having Vermouth” used to be a Sunday ritual for Spaniards in the region.

Appreciated for its taste, this steeped wine made out of roots, blanks and bitters was considered the perfect aperitif to open your appetite for the next meal while enjoying a good conversation with your friends. Seemingly overnight, this practice began to lose followers and many bars had to close down. Only a very few number of places kept this tradition going, but for the vast majority of people the trend had gone out of fashion.

Whether you were one of the very few whom never quit Vermouth, or you´ve just jumped onto this trend yesterday, we have got news for you: Vermouth is more popular than ever. Vermouth bars are back and this time they have gone for much more daring, modernist designs to embellish the spaces, giving them an aura of sophistication and glamour and a wide range of delicatessens to accompany the Vermouth. Invented by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, the beverage is here to stay and like in the old days, Barcelona is one of the best cities in Spain to enjoy it. Here is a list of the most fashionable Vermouth Bars in town to enjoy the revival of this drink:

Morro Fi

Located in Consell de Cent Street, Morro Fi is listed by gastronomy guides as one of the best Vermouth Bars, not only in Barcelona but in the whole country. A must-visit for those who wish to reestablish Vermouth as a tradition, the establishment creates a young atmosphere with a hipster touch, where tapas, marinated seafood, pickles and olives can be savored along with great Vermouth.

Quimet & Quimet

Well-known today by Vermouth-lovers, this establishment, which kept its doors opened during the years in which the beverage wasn´t as popular, has found a way to regain its prestige. Situated in Poeta Cabanyes Street, it has one of the best drafts Vermouth in town and is celebrated for its delicious tapas.

Bodega 1900

Located in Tamarit Street, this tavern with traditional style makes customers believe it has been on the go since 1900, but nothing further from the truth. This indeed, newly opened, tavern has brilliantly absorbed the essence of traditional taverns creating a bohemian atmosphere for its customers. Owned by Albert Adriá, brother of renowned chef Ferrán, it also offers a homemade Vermouth, La Cala, and a long list of traditional dishes, smoked Salmón and marinated edibles.

Vermuterías en Barcelona

Bar Calders

Sited on the Parlament Street, Bar Calders is one of the many new Vermouth bars born with the recent booming of the beverage. With more than 4 kinds of Vermouth on their menu, their tapas and cuisine has a refine style based on pure flavours. Customers can also enjoy sunny days in their outdoors area, a perfect setting to relish Vermouth!

Bodegueta Cal Pep

Hidden in the Sants neighbourhood, in Canalejas Street Bodegueta Cal Pep is a bit far from the tourist area, but that is precisely the reason for its authentic local essence. It is a traditional tavern although it has been refurbished to acquire a more modern look. Famous for its tapas, made out of seafood, and specialties like “peperini” or stuffed peppers with cheese and anchovies.

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