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(English) All the best bakeries in Barcelona. Here they are!

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The best bread you’ve ever tasted. Sweet treats made with all the best natural ingredients. Pastries that whisk you back to childhood. Ensaimadas that melt in the mouth served the traditional way.

Mejores panaderías de Barcelona

Memories of better days gone by. A utopia of forgotten treasures, shirking modern methods. Like all the best memories, more and more people are wanting to rediscover them nowadays. And they’re not asking for much. Just a return to the very best traditions. Natural, organic products and artisan techniques.

That’s why exploring all the city’s best bakeries and travelling back in time are well and truly back in fashion! A great way of meeting the hard workers who make breads and pastries the way our grandparents generation used to. Who knead with care and respect for tradition. Who sell bread that doesn’t go hard within a few hours, selling pastries that give everyone the sweetest souvenirs of their travels.

Barcelona is the ultimate place for a bakery tour. More and more people are looking fondly on the traditional ways of doing things nowadays, opting for classic bakeries, where natural doughs and sweet treats aren’t the enemies of a good diet.

Four of the best bakeries in Barcelona offering the greatest flavours

Breads, ensaimadas, cocas, magdalenas, pastries… Barcelona’s best bakers always put on the very best displays in town. Explosions of traditional flavours and some of the best ‘souvenirs’ you could ever get of Barcelona. There’s a good handful of high-quality bakeries in Barcelona, so let’s take a quick look at four of the best of them.

Forn Mistral (96 Ronda de Sant Antoni). Just off Plaza de Cataluña and a short walk from the HCC Montblanc Hotel, Forn Mistral is a Barcelona classic. Ran by the fifth-generation of an artisan baking family, they offer organic breads and grains, as well as some of the city’s most tempting sweet treats, like ensaimadas, croissants and bread rolls. Simply irresistible.

Barcelona Reykjavik (16 Calle Princesa). Use of natural and high-quality organic produce sets this bakery and dessert shop apart from the rest, which was founded by an Icelandic and Barcelona native. Hence the name. They offer a range of great poppy and sesame breads, as well as treats like traditional carquinyolis and delicious fruit cakes made with carrots, apples and ginger.

Turris. With 15 outlets spread across Barcelona, St Cugat del Vallès, Sabadell and Granollers, their Barcelona store found in the heart of the Gracia Quarter is just a stone’s throw from the HCC Regente Hotel at 34 Gran de Gràcia, their flagship bakery. An artisan bakery ran by Xavier Barriga, here you’ll find amazing chocolate and orange breads, sweet ‘sins’ like napolitanas and some phenomenal palmeras!

Fleca Fortino (126 Travessera de Gracia). Very close to our previous bakery, here you’ll find another of the best bakeries in all of Barcelona, where everything is made in a traditional wood-fired oven. At very affordable prices, they prepare everything from classic breads to more sophisticated modern recipes using almonds, honey and yoghurt. Their magdalenas and cañas de cabello are probably worthy of their own blog post… they’re that good!

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