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(English) Amposta’s Rice Day Celebrations, just another reason to escape to the Delta del Ebro

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Rice is intrinsically linked to the Delta del Ebro region. The natural geological features of this precious enclave found in the province of Tarragona make it one of the very best places in Spain for growing this kitchen-cupboard staple. In fact, the Delta del Ebro’s rice has been officially designated a protected crop in Spain, which gives you an idea of how important this area is for the much-loved food. September and early October is the perfect time to reflect on the busy summer season that has just passed and, coinciding with this, every year in Amposta they hold Rice Day Celebrations in around fifteen different restaurants for you to enjoy.


Rice may appear to be one of the simplest foodstuffs around, but its use in an endless number of dishes – often resulting in true culinary works of art – means it has to delight even the most demanding palates, so it has to be good quality. Rice Day Celebrations in Amposta perfectly bring together traditional rice growing production in the Montsia region, along with the hard work of the many different people involved in the industry. It’s a wonderful coming together that creates yet another fantastic reason to visit Amposta in October time. If you do decide to visit, nothing could be better than a stay at the Hotel HCC Montsia, found in the heart of the Tarragona region, where you can get to know all the natural wonders of the Delta del Ebro first hand, but also the many culinary delights of the local restaurants you’ll find here.

During the Rice Day Celebrations in Amposta, which take place every year during the months of June and October, some fifteen restaurants take part by offering wonderfully succulent dishes like cod and mushroom paella, black rice with squid and clams, soup with galeras and calamari, a dry option with wild duck and seasonal vegetables, as well as delicious monkfish and prawns. These are just a handful of dishes from the wide variety of rice-based meals to try in the Montsia region during this prestigious food event. The creativity of the chefs at all the restaurants shines through each year, as they all take full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their rice skills in combination with other local produce.

But it’s not just rice that’s on show. Menus are prepared to also offer a variety of starters and desserts that will delight every diner as they explore this region that serves as the gateway to the marvellous Delta del Ebro.

At the Hotel HCC Montsia, you’ll receive plenty of information about these special local food events, helping make sure your escape to Amposta has all the ingredients of the perfect getaway. Don’t forget to explore all the natural outdoor spaces of the Delta del Ebro, a real luxury even in the autumn months. The variety of activities on offer makes this part of the world a real haven for nature lovers.

Amposta’s Rice Day Celebrations are just another great excuse to visit one of the most surprising hidden corners of the Iberian Peninsula, and a great opportunity to experience all the culinary delights cooked up in the region’s kitchens.

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