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(English) An unmissable event for car enthusiasts: Automobile Barcelona 2018

By | 16 April, 2018 | 0 comments

Automobile Barcelona, known across the world as the fantastic Barcelona Motor Show, will be held at Barcelona’s Fira exhibition centre between 11th and 19st May. An unmissable date in the diary for any car enthusiast.

automobile barcelona 2017

Enrique Lacalle, President of the city’s biggest automotive exhibition, has been clear about his desire to make this year’s event a global revolution in automotive fairs. The team have worked hard to recreate the very essence of the motor show, responding to requests made by those in the industry and regular attendees.

The Motor Show at Automobile Barcelona 2018

One of the key strengths of Automobile Barcelona is the event’s Motor Show. On the programme, you’ll be able to discover all the latest innovations from various automotive brands, the current trends in bodywork, the developmentsin engine technology, as well as improvements to security systems.

The exhibition also serves as a benchmark for electric cars and hybrid vehicle technology. You’ll be able to see first-handexactly how brands intend to develop in this field and how things are going to progress in the near future. New electric car models will be exhibited, focussing on their increasing autonomy and reducing the time needed to charge their batteries.

The Connected Hub, innovation at Fira

In the Connected Hub, innovations related to technology within the automotive sector will be presented. Automobile Barcelona puts a strong focus on this kind of innovation, as they try to showcase these kinds of developments at the heart of their programme.

Keep your eyes peeled, because everything you see at Connected Hub is sure to be a major innovation. You can enjoy exploring all the latest trends from across the industry, from navigation panels, connectivity and the use of car dashboards, to more advanced assisted driving programmes. The future is in the Connected Hub and you’ll be able to experience it all for yourself at Fira Barcelona.

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