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(English) Barcelona, the conference specialist: EFORT and ECE 2018

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Barcelona is one of the cities that plays host to more medical conferences than any other throughout the year in Spain. The city works hard to provide specialist and ground-breaking information to all parts of the industry. Today, we’d like to introduce you to two of the best medical conferences in Barcelona: EFORT and ECE 2018.


EFORT Barcelona 2018: innovation and new medical research technologies

New technologies are affecting our daily lives across a variety of sectors. The exponential growth of such innovation has turned our world on its head, including the health sciences and medical practice industries, where recent decades have seen significant development.

EFORT 2018 introduces new diagnostic techniques in Barcelona, along with advances in biomaterials and implant technologies, new techniques for regenerating tissue, minimally-invasive surgery, robotics and computer-assisted surgery, the use of 3D printing in orthopaedics and traumatology, telemedecine, innovative rehabilitation programmes and patient-specific treatments.

Advances in virtual learning environments will also be explored during the conference. While these new technologies are improving diagnostic precision and successful treatment, mastering the use of complicated devices and techniques represents an additional challenge for users. Increasing use of advanced simulators and virtual learning techniques will help develop safer and more efficient applications of new treatment methods.

ECE 2018: scientific interaction and improving patient care

This conference will focus on continuous developmentofthe scientific and professional relationshipbetween endocrinology and metabolic studies.

Promoting this kind of interaction aims to jointly advance all areas of knowledge within the subject area, helping to really translate our efforts into improved patient care.

All the greatest national and international experts will attend ECE 2018, reporting back on their progress over the last year and what their future research will focus on, in order to achieve the biggest improvements in patient treatment.

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