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(English) Barcelona’s best shopping streets

By | 26 December, 2019 | 0 comments

Without a doubt, strolling through Barcelona enjoying a day of shopping is one of the best ways to enjoy the city. Barcelona is considered one of the great European shopping capitals where fashion, style, brands and culture all converge on its beautiful grand avenues, where you’ll find the whole range of shopping opportunities right at your fingertips.


In the city’s various commercial districts you’ll find everything from the latest fashion to local produce and bespoke designs. Barcelona offers plenty of specialist stores selling only the highest quality products.

Gothic Quarter

One of the city’s historical neighbourhoods, taking a stroll through this part of Barcelona is a great way to experience the rich history of the region.

Calle Pelai, running from Plaça Catalunya to Las Ramblas, is a street dedicated to fashion for young people, so you’re sure to find all the world’s leading clothing brands here.

Portal de l’Àngel, leading from Portaferrissa to Plaça de Catalunya, is another typical fashion street where all the biggest and best brands can be found.

If you’re a music lover, you have to visit Calle Tallers, where you’ll find just about any vinyl or CD, no matter how obscure, in one of the great independent music stores.

Barcelona’s best shopping streets: Eixample Quarter

A modernist neighbourhood considered to have one of the highest concentrations of shops in the entire city. Throughout its streets, you’ll find some of the more high-end exclusive stores, luxury items and plenty of unique accessories.

Passeig de Gràcia is the street favoured by all the major international fashion and jewellery houses. Luxury takes centre stage on this street, with Channel, Gucci, Versace and Cartier all proudly calling it home.

You could also enjoy a stroll along Calle Rambla de Catalunya, where you’ll be able to enjoy a quick pick-me-up in one of the many great coffee shops, before enjoying all the clothing and great unique bookstores on offer.

Ribera Quarter

The Ribera Quarter is one of the main bohemian centres of the city. The local shops and boutiques all respect the traditional charm of the neighbourhood, where young designers and innovative trendsetters have set up home.

In Barcelona’s main shopping districts, you’ll find something for everyone at every price. From any of our great hotels in the city centre, you’ll find easy access to all the city’s best shopping destinations. Simply pick your favourite and get ready for some serious retail therapy.

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