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(English) Bruno Mars in Barcelona – the most highly anticipated concert of the year?

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Bruno Mars in Barcelona ! We may as well end the post here, because this particular artist doesn’t need much in the way of introduction! The success he has achieved can be seen in ticket sales alone – all the tickets to see Bruno Mars live sold out in just two hours.


24K Magic World Tour, Bruno Mars’ European Tour

20 June 2018 won’t just be any other day for Bruno Mars fans, far from it! Long queues and plenty of excitement are expected before this concert by one of the most successful artists of recent times.

It’s the second time Bruno Mars has toured with his highly successful Moonshine Jungle World Tour. Now, one years have passed since his last gig in Barcelona, reason enough for the huge waves of excitement we’ve seen in recent weeks.

Surprises organised by fans: Bruno Mars in Barcelona

Fans have come together through various official fan clubs to organise surprises for Bruno Mars during the concert itself.  There are several different ideas floating around that have been suggested for the concerts in both Madrid and Barcelona.

But the plan is to leave the singer with a lasting memory of his fans in the city, with a little help from the audience, of course. The idea is to recreate the 24K Magic video in the arena. In his music video for the song, Bruno and his entourage of friends are in a hotel lobby, with plenty of dollar bills in the air. So that’s the idea.Everyone in the audience, when thatparticular lyric is sung out, will throw handfuls of printed dollar bills into the air.

These kinds of surprises require a lot of coordination, so fan clubs are making an appeal via social media for everyone to take part.

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