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(English) Casa Milá, la Pedrera de Gaudí

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Casa Milà

Although it is officially known as the Casa Milá, this house is often referred to as la Pedrera de Gaudi. One look at the appearance of the front of this impressive building will help explain this nickname as over 84 metres of a rocky surface can be seen, marking the naturalist era of the world-famous architect Antonio Gaudí.

A visit to Barcelona is a tour of the life of Gaudí, who captured his original vision in various buildings around the city, all of which are now a must-see for tourists. The Casa Milá is in the top ten most-visited tourist attractions in Barcelona, with approximately one million visitors a year who are drawn in by its quintessential Guadí style.

Situated in a corner joining the Paseo de Gracia with the calle Provenza, not even 500 metres from the Casa Batlló, both palaces are a symbol of the expansion of Barcelona and the Catalonian bourgeoisie that chose this area as a place to live. Casa Batlló is linked to the family of Josep Batlló, whereas Casa Milá was commissioned by the textile businessman Pere Milá I Camps. At the time, Gaudí was enjoying renowned success and his work was being recognized and therefore the Milá family gave him with the responsibility of creating a manor house with an innovative style and great attention to detail.

Gaudí’s plans weren’t well received by the town hall but as the uniqueness of the architecture of the building was finally recognized, the building work ended in 1912 with no more obstacles. The house is made up of three façades in the form of a wave covered in stones that were shaped by craftsmen. There are 33 exterior iron balconies which emphasize the style, although recent renovations have unfortunately affected the interior design of the building.

Tourists who visit La Pedrera will discover the details of Gaudí’s work and see a symbol of culture and creativity. The Fundación Catalunya-La Pedrera uses the main floor of the building as a gallery to show pieces of Gaudí’s work.

True to form, Gaudí particularly focused on the roof terrace of the building and it is considered to be his masterpiece. Only a true genius could develop the chimneys in such an artistic and symbolic manner, with a wavy formation and an appearance that evokes images of warheads.

Casa Milá is open to the public from 9am – 10pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am – 2pm and 6pm – 10pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. In hcc hotels you can find all the information you may need about Casa Milá including different activities and prices for tourists to Barcelona to enjoy another gem of Catalonian modernism.

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