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(English) Charming places to visit in Barcelona: Mercado de Sant Antoni

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Following a decade of work and an enormous restoration project, the Mercado de Sant Antoni, Barcelona’s oldest marketplace, will reopen its doors again to the public on 23rd May 2018. An iconic place, full of charisma and steeped in history, its reopening will once again make it the single biggest municipal market in all of Barcelona.

Mercado de Sant Antoni

Surprises from throughout history at Mercado de Sant Antoni

One of the first treats in store for visitors to this icon of Barcelona’s cultural scene is on the first underground level. Excavations have allowed workers to uncover the medieval walls that once encircled the whole of Barcelona.

Exposing these authentic walls was one of the key aims of the restoration works, but the biggest shock was that workers found the hidden walls in such good condition, meaning they could be fully restored and showcased today.

Another exciting discovery that came to light during initial restoration works were the remains of the ancient Roman road Vía Augusta, found in an excellent state, which was carefully conserved. The remains will be overseen by the Museud’Història de Barcelona, one of the best museums in Barcelona, as they work hard to fully conserve the site without causing any damage.

Historical building of RoviraiTrias at Mercado de Sant Antoni

The great jewel in the crown of the Mercado de Sant Antoni is, without question, the imposing historical building of RoviraiTrias, which represents, defines and exemplifies Barcelona’s wonderful iron architecture.

The building is supported by a central octagonal structure that outlines the passageways where market stalls have stood over the years. Originally, Mercado de Sant Antoni had more than 170 stalls, but following refurbishment, this number has been reduced to 52, providing stallholders with more space and improving accessibility in line with modern regulations.

If you’re staying in one of our hotels in Barcelona city centre, we recommend a visit to the Mercado de Sant Antoni and all the other central tourist attractions that are waiting for you in the city, where you’ll see a whole different side to Barcelona.

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