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(English) Discover Barcelona’s best palaces: Palacio Real Mayor

By | 20 December, 2017 | 0 comments

In one of the most special cornersof the Gothic quarter you’ll come across Palacio Real Mayor, an unmissable place to visit that will help you understand the unique history of Barcelona.

palacio real mayor

Barcelona is a regional capital where you can see, admire and contemplate the best palaces you’ve ever seen. On our blog, we’re taking you on a tour of all the different palaces and their vibrant histories, including the Palacio Baró de Quadras, the Palacio de Requesens and the Palau Robert, but this time, we’re revealing the fantastic history of Palacio Real Mayor.

Palacio Real Mayor over time

The Kings of the Crown of Aragón and the Counts of Barcelona have all lived in this Gothic medieval palace over the centuries. The palace was arguably more important than any that was ever built – it was used to house visiting world leaders and dignitaries and was the site of all the important decisions made in the kingdom.

But from the 15th century, Palacio Real Mayor began to lose its status. The Kingdom of Aragón was joined with the Kingdom of Castilla and power became centralised in Madrid, so for that reason, the palace was relegated to a palace of only occasional residence.

Today, the palace is used to organise state visits, put on shows and exhibitions and as the headquarters of the Crown of Aragón archives.

Exploring all of Palacio Real Mayor

Palacio Real Mayor is divided into various parts, all of which can be visited today. The Palace consists of Santa Ágata’s chapel, the Lugarteniente’s Palace, the Salón del Tinell, the Mirador del Rey Martí and the orchard.

You can visit the Palace from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00 and on Sundays from 10:00 to 20:00. We recommend you allow plenty of time to see the palace, it’s worth leaving lots of time to get lost in its many hidden corners.

Barcelona is a historical city and each route you take will let you discover the charms of the city. Palacio Real Mayor, and the wider Gothic quarter where it’s located, will give you the chance to discover the living history that fills Barcelona’s streets.

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