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ESMO 2020, showcasing all the latest developments at Fira de Barcelona

By | 24 February, 2020 | 0 comments

The European Society for Medical Oncology Conference, ESMO 2020, will showcase all the latest advances in cancer treatment in Barcelona this year from 18 to 22 September 2020.

ESMO 2020

ESMO 2020 will attract specialists from all over the world to this must-see exhibition, where attendees will learn about new fields of research and all the most significant findings of the last year. This year’s instalment will focus on medical advances in terms of gastric cancers.

More than 3,000 research papers will be presented

The main purpose of medical conferences, such as ESMO 2020, is to bring together the world’s leading researchers, create synergies between them and provide a glimpse into new ways of working for the years to come.

To achieve this goal, and indeed the very purpose of the conference, around 3,000 research papers will be presented. The teams working on various areas of study and their presentations will all cover a certain number of topics. Firstly, they’ll define the scope of their research and main areas of experimentation. Secondly, they’ll summarise the progress they’ve made across various objectives. Thirdly, they’ll explain the next steps in their work. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they’ll open the floor to questions from attendees and colleagues, creating even more potential for positive synergies and partnerships.

Where to stay during ESMO 2020

This medical conference is one of the biggest in Europe.Specialists from across the world will head to Barcelona to attend the conference between 28 June and 1 July. This influx of visitors – only adding to the already busy summer period – will naturally mean accommodation in Barcelona will be in higher demand than ever.

At HCC Hotels, we want to make your stay during ESMO 2020 as comfortable as can be. If you’re planning on attending the conference, you can go direct to our bookings page for all our hotels in the centre of Barcelona, where you’ll find all the latest deals and benefits of booking directly through our website.

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