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Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, popular culture in a very special neighbourhood

By | 20 July, 2018 | 0 comments

Barcelona simply cannot be understood without the Gracia Quarter, and vice versa. It’s a neighbourhood with a very strong personality of its own, becoming one of the most distinct places in all of Barcelona. But it’s so much more than just a neighbourhood, and its festivals have become widely anticipated events that bring together all its lucky neighbours and visitors. Thankfully, the Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, one of the biggest events in Barcelona’s summer calendar, is just around the corner.

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From 15th to 21st August, a whole programme of festivities will take place to celebrate this popular neighbourhood’s unique identity, bringing together all different parts of society. One of the inescapable features of Gracia is that celebrations spill out onto the street, which themselves are all adorned with fabulous decorations.Every year, the neighbours outdo themselves with colourful decorations and impress locals and newcomers alike with hugely attractive designs made from recycled materials.This year, they’ve opted for a very varied set of themes, from aircraft to the fantastic world of the circus to Vivaldi’s four seasons.It’s a multicoloured spectacular display that transforms alleyways and streets right across the neighbourhood into a truly unforgettable experience.

But Fiesta Mayor de Gracia also offers an intensive programme of activities that blend tradition with modernity. After being opened by actress Mercedes Montalá, there will be a range of striking human towers on display, kids’ workshops, musical performances and competitions that will reward the most impressive and successful street decorations.A succession of amazing shows, full of colour and entertainment, will be the hallmark of this festival in one of Barcelona’s most special neighbourhoods.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the festival programme will be rounded off by one of Gracia’s classics, the Festigàbal. It’s a mixture of poetry, music and drama that takes place in La Sedeta centre.Great news for the neighbourhood, since these festivities have been in doubt until the very last moment, but will finally go ahead as the culmination of a few intense and amazing days of fun.

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia can trace its roots back to the 19th century, coinciding with some radical changes the neighbourhood saw during that period.At the time, workers, traders and humble craftsmen arrived in the area, bringing their unique personality along with them.Today, debate still rages about whether these festivals are celebrated in honour of San Roque or the Virgen de Agosto, although popular opinion dictates that it is in fact the latter.Despite all that, the events have acquired enormous local popularity, giving all the neighbours an authentic and significant celebration to enjoy.

Throughout the week of celebrations, thousands of people will roam the streets of the quarter, soaking up the fun spirit and great atmosphere.In fact, more and more residents from other parts of Barcelona are looking to Gracia to see how festival days should be done, just another incentive to visit Barcelona in August this year.

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