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(English) Five Places to Enjoy a Delicious Brunch in Barcelona

By | 10 July, 2017 | 0 comments

Brunch in Barcelona: an event consisting of a mid-morning lunch, a late breakfast, with food that is very much in fashion. Barcelona, as a leader in new trends, simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to set the benchmark for brunch.

brunch en barcelona

Here is our selection of five of the best places to enjoy brunch in Barcelona.

Tonka, Sant Antoni

Tonka has become a true institution of brunch. It stands out above the rest for its home-style cooking, cakes and organic products. Premium in quality with care going into every dish. Spend the weekend enjoying brunch and discover the charms of this beautiful spot.

Granja PetitBo, Passeig Sant Joan

A space inspired by industrial style, with a casual atmosphere and 70s charm. Stained-glass windows, vintage tables and heavenly armchairs will take you back to the time and ambiance of the industrial age. They specialise in weekend brunches, with loving care going into every detail of each dish. We recommend trying the natural fruit juices, the huevos rancheros and eggs benedict, but without doubt, you have to try their homemade pancakes with bananas and chocolate.

Picnic, Carrer del Comerç

Picnic specialises in weekend brunches with an international flair. Quality is the recurrent theme here, with each dish giving you the guarantee of exceptional quality. Their star attraction are the eggs benedict – give them a try, you’re sure to become a fan.

La Esquina, Carrer de Bergara

Brunch done British style. Specialists in their range of coffee, if you’re in search of a caffeine fix, we recommend La Esquina. Eggs, bacon and beans, it’s a full brunch that will quickly reacquaint you with the English style that their London born chef serves up so well.

Trópico, Marqués de Barberá

Moving to a more Latin American feel, here you can enjoy a special brunch with a Latin touch. They aim to bring a summer smile to your face, whatever the time of year. Star dishes include Mexican huevos rancheros, Brazilian acai, Colombian arepas and natural juices that will remind you of a delicious fruit cocktail on the beach.

So get out there and get stuck into some brunch, a stop along the way that fills you up and sets you up for a great day in Barcelona. A delicious meal to help you enjoy Barcelona and all its creativity.

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