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Got a taste for something sweet? The best bakeries in Barcelona

By | 18 November, 2018 | 0 comments

With the arrival of the cold weather and as we edge ever closer to Christmas, our tastes and appetites for something a little sweeter come to the fore. We suggest you make a few stops on your tour of Barcelona and try some of these amazing bakeries in the city.

mejores pastelerías de Barcelona

La Pastisseria on Calle Aragó

Run by the champion of the pastry world 2011, Josep María Rodríguez, La Pastisseria will surprise you with its rich colours and exciting flavours.

Its key specialities are the individual cakes and pies, each one made with great care and attention right down to the smallest detail, as much in flavour as decoration.

Best bakeries in Barcelona: Pastisseria Hofmann on Calle Flassaders

Want to try one of the very best croissants in all of Barcelona?In 2010, this bakery won the award for best croissant because of their great texture, amazing quality and scrumptious flavour.

Hofmann specialises in French pastries, but you’ll also find a wide variety of cakes, pies, wedding cakes, macarons, sables, and more. In short, an enormous range of treats that will make your mouth water.

Bubó on Calle de les Caputxes

Quality and great produce, two notions that run through this bakery’s DNA.All of their cakes are made to the very highest standard,offering a large display of cakes, chocolates and macarons that you’ll find difficult to resist.

Canal on Calle Calvet and Calle Muntaner

Run by Luis Estrada, this bakery is known for the way it constantly innovates and develops its products.If you’re looking for something a little different for your morning pastry, Canal is the place for you.

We love their special and exotic flavours, as well as sweet and salty combinations like you’ve never tasted before.

Ochiai on Calle Comte d’Urgell

One of the most exotic spots in all of Barcelona,Ochiai is a Japanese bakery specialising in recipes using green tea.

Ever heard of Dorayakis or Mochis?They’re typical Japanese delicacies that come in abundance at this particular bakery,and although they specialise in Japanese confectionery, you’ll also find a wide variety of traditionally Catalan tasty treats here.

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