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(English) La Barceloneta, much more than just a beach!

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Behind the most famous and largest beach in Barcelona lies the story of a city influenced by the sea. The Barceloneta beach is one of the most symbolic sights of the city and it is especially appealing to tourists. A visit to the Barceloneta beach doesn’t only involve sunbathing on the beach, it allows people to discover the fishing neighbourhood of Barcelona.

The Barceloneta beach also boasts amazing views and it is the ideal place to do some sports such as volleyball, ping pong or football, as well as going for a jog, swimming or doing more relaxing activities such as yoga.

As well as getting active, visitors to the beach can enjoy one of the many bars and join those who are trying to get the perfect tan, or why not cool off with a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean?

As night falls, the Barceloneta beach becomes the perfect place to watch the sun go down as the many bars open their chill out zones and visitors can sit back, relax and be a part of an area of the city which was once home to a thriving fishing industry, the story of which is explained below.

The history of the Barceloneta

In 1753, the first stone was laid in the port district of Barcelona, an area which is now known as the Barceloneta. The difference between the area then and now is striking, as it was once a humble neighbourhood characterized by the fishermen’s huts. Over time, the fishermen’s huts disappeared as they were replaced by bungalows built for families.

The proximity of the Barceloneta neighbourhood to the port and the train station in Barcelona meant that the small fishing area became dominated by the construction industry up until the mid – 1900s when plans to turn the coastal area into a space for sport, leisure and culture were approved. In the second half of the 20th Century, the Barceloneta was finally transformed into a neighbourhood that appealed to many visitors and when Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992 the Barceloneta was seen as one of the best areas of the city.

The Barceloneta still has the charm of yesteryear and visitors can soak up the past while walking through the narrow streets, passing the fishermen’s old houses and truly experiencing what the neighbourhood used to be like before it changed into the area that it is today.

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