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Looking for museums with a difference? Discover some of the most entertaining and unique places in all of Barcelona

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There’s a huge number of museums in Barcelona and, whether indoors or out, there are thousands of different and exciting new places to discover when you’re here. Many of them aren’t too busy or well-known by tourists or locals alike, but they’re all certainly worth a visit for the curious among you. Here, we’ve put together a list of our favourite collections in Barcelona that you probably won’t have heard of before to inspire you. Enjoy!

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Museo de Autómatas del Tibidabo

This particular museum is home to more than 40 different exhibits of automatons, or self-operating machines, and models from the 19th and 20th centuries from around the world. It can be found in Tibidabo’s Amusement Park and is one of the biggest and best automaton museums in the world. Its collection showcases carefully preserved pieces all in perfect condition – and you can even see lots of them in motion.

This unique museum in Barcelona is one of the most entertaining for children especially, as they discover all the mechanisms of different machines and toys and how things really work. What’s more, visiting the museum as part of a day out to Tibidabo Amusement Park is a great way to spend the day.

Museo de Carrozas Fúnebres

Located in Montjuïc Cemetery, this museum was built in 1970 and currently houses 13 funeral carriages, 6 escort carriages and three motor cars that were all used during the 19th and 20th centuries at the cemetery. The Museo de Carrozas Fúnebre is home to a unique special collection in Europe and is a valuable cultural and anthropological heritage site in the Catalan capital.

Alongside the various vehicles, you’ll find information panels explaining their vibrant histories, functions and types of burials they would have been used for, from small processions at humble burials to ornate carriages for the funerals of emperors and other important public figures in the city. Without doubt, this is one of the most unusual but fascinating museums in all of Barcelona.

Museums in Barcelona: Museo del Chocolate

Arguably the most appealing museum in the city to all those rumbling bellies, and certainly the most indulgent, the Chocolate Museum offers a day out that those of you with a sweet tooth will find impossible to resist. This space was created as part of an initiative by the Barcelona Confectionery Guild to make their hard work and dedication visible to the public.

As part of your visit to this museum in Barcelona, you’ll be able to see the entire chocolate making process from start to finish, as well as its historical evolution from its origins in the Mayan-Aztec culture. But you’ll also be able to see a whole host of great chocolate creations from some of the world’s greatest pastry chefs. Located just next to Parque de la Ciudadela, the museum is only 12 minutes from HCC Montblanc.

Museo del Erotismo

With eroticism very much the central theme, this is one museum in Barcelona that’s perhaps not so suitable for minors. Inside, you’ll be able to go on an historic journey through the influences of eroticism on people and culture.

There are plenty of exhibitions that explain eroticism in ancient times, as well as more modern sensual instruments. They have more than 800 exhibits on display here to both implicitly and explicitly illustrate eroticism in different cultures and according to different practices in society and history. The museum has 14 rooms with paintings, photographs, sculptures and other media, helping visitors learn about the evolution of human sexuality through the ages.

Museo de la Magia

Part of the El Rey de la Magia store, the oldest magic shop in the world, here you’ll find an exhibition of books, photographs, posters, magic trick devices and much more as you enjoy a journey through the world of magic and illusions.

This incredible museum in Barcelona is the perfect day out for all visitors, especially for younger ones and magic lovers alike. Here, you can discover some great magic tricks and how they work, as well as some of the tools of the trade. Hoops, handkerchiefs, wands, top hats… there’s a multitude of equipment and gadgets on display that magicians use to perform to their captivated audiences.

Museo del Perfume

A truly delightful museum for all five senses, but especially for your nose… at Museo del Perfume, you can take a tour of the history of perfumery and see countless bottles and containers from a bygone era from all over the world.

The museum houses natural and man-made aromatic fragrances in its two main rooms. The first, a history-focussed exhibition with unique exhibits, including sprayers and old-fashioned perfume bottles owned by some great historical figures from Ancient Egypt to the modern age. The second space is home to more perfumes of the industrial era, showcasing a range of different brands and all their different bottles and scents. What’s more, it’s just 3 minutes from HCC Taber and 4 minutes from HCC St. Moritz.

There are so many wonderful and unique museums in Barcelona to make your visit to the Catalan capital even more original and entertaining. What’s more, these special collections are usually not quite as crowded as some of the more well-known places of interest across the region, so if you’re looking for some alternative ways to spend a day in the city, these museums in Barcelona are sure to please.

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