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(English) Running is back in fashion! The best places to run in Barcelona

By | 9 February, 2018 | 0 comments

It’s a great time to once again think about lacing up your running shoes, picking a route and setting off on a fantastic jog through the streets of Barcelona. But as there are so many different places you can pound the pavement in the city, allow us to present four locations you simply can’t afford to miss. Here is the best places to run in Barcelona.

correr en Barcelona

Montjuïc, running through Barcelona surrounded by nature

If you like being at one with nature, but don’t want to travel miles and miles just for your morning run, then Montjuïc is a perfect compromise.

Immerse yourself in nature close to the city centre. This location provides stunning Barcelona views as you run along the designated paths. You’ll find plenty of runners in this area – you could even think about joining a running club to make your workouts even more fun.

Barceloneta Beach, be at one with the sea

Feeling the cool sea breeze and gentle sand on your skin will turn your workouts into a truly amazing part of your day as you run along playa de la Barceloneta.

The beach is an ideal place to practice your running, whether just for a hobby or if you’re training to take part in one of the many greatraces in Barcelona. If you want to train for strength and resistance, we recommend you run along the shoreline, where the wet sand will help you build muscle even quicker.

Parc Natural Collserola, a favourite park for runners

A must-visit spot for every runner: Parc Natural Collserola,one of the favoured spots for those who love to run in Barcelona.

There are more than 8,000 hectares of pure green space to run through. Free your mind, body and soul as you enjoy one of the most popular fitness activities of our times.

Avenida Diagonal, run to the beat of the city

If you’re one of those people who prefers concrete beneath your feet as you run, we recommend long and wide streets so that nothing, and no one, can stop you in your tracks.

This particular avenue is more than 11 kilometres long, so you can run comfortably at your own pace. Running on asphalt is a great way of training if you’re thinking of doing marathons or one of the many fantastic races organised by the city.

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