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(English) Sagrada Familia: the most beautiful unfinished dream in the world

By | 30 June, 2015 | 0 comments

The unfinished dream of a genius is today the symbol of a city and one of the most visited Spanish monuments year after year. We are referring to the basílica de la Sagrada Familia (Basilica of the Holy Family), a temple of extraordinary beauty that came to the forever great Antonio Gaudí out of sheer inspiration. Modern Barcelona can’t be pictured without this building, which is gradually taking the shape designed by this architect from Reus (Catalonia) on his plans and models. Much work is still to be done, but if all this process has something good is that those who visited it a few years ago can always find a reason to come back so as to see its progress. Sagrada Familia is alive in every sense and aspect, but Barcelona dreams of the moment when it will be completely finished to boast about one of the most marvellous and spectacular Catholic temples in the whole world.

It will be wise to review history first if we are to explain its current state. The year deciding the fate of this brilliant project is 1883, when Antonio Gaudí takes on the responsibility of such a challenge and completely modifies it on behalf of the amazing idea that he had in mind. From that moment on and until his death in 1926 he dedicates himself in body and soul to his culminating masterpiece, but not without his share of ups and downs, bittersweet moments, economic problems and political events, which hindered the construction process. Fortunately, the genius’ dream didn’t become that, just a dream, and other architects picked up the baton so that one day this majestic work could be concluded. Currently, a 65% is already built and the team in charge considers it may be ended by 2026.

There is still some waiting time ahead, but visitors are allowed to enter into those spaces opened to the public inside the temple. Apart from stepping into the basilica, there are some towers that can presently be visited by lift. From there, you will gape at the spectacular view of Barcelona and also feel privileged to find yourself inside Gaudí’s magnificent work. It has to be noted that only 8 of the 18 towers designed by the architect have been erected so far. Twelve of them symbolise the apostles, 4 the evangelists and 2 Jesus and Mary.

One way of walking through the inside of the temple while perfectly knowing its history is a guided tour explaining the symbolism behind the facades, naves and other rooms. Moreover, you will visit the museum, where models of the basilica and pictures and sketches of the building progress are shown.

Sagrada Familia, consecrated as a minor basilica in November 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, can’t be easily described with words and the best way of picturing all its magnificence is by visiting it and letting yourself be enraptured by its main facade. At the HCC hotels, we will provide you with information about all kinds of tours to be made so that you won’t miss during your stay in Barcelona this appointment with history and the greatness of the wonders created by mankind.

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