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(English) Sierra de Montsia, the perfect climbing destination

By | 23 January, 2019 | 0 comments

Climbing and mountaineering fans find everything they could possibly dream of here in the Sierra de Montsia. The almost untouched landscapes allow you to climb mountains that come alive with nature, bathed in that unmistakable aroma of the Ebro Delta, a true picture-postcard scene if ever there was one.

Sierra Montsia Climbing

The mouth of the river Ebro and its extensive rice fields open up to the majestic Sierra de Montsia, providing one of the most lucrative destinations for climbing adventurers. Whilst there are no enormously high mountains here, with the summit of Foradada standing at 698 metres and Torreta de Montsia at 765 metres, they are still big enough to provide many exhilarating hours scaling the limestone rocks for lovers of all things climbing, as you discover the beautiful Mediterranean forest with oak and pine trees and the lush vegetation as you go.

On the southern side, overlooking the sea, the climbs are best suited to more expert and experienced climbers. Roca Blanca, Eiger and the Diedre wall are all fantastic challenges, along with the lesser known but equally appealing Calma wall, creating a fantastic day out for all you adrenaline junkies. Only adding to the tremendous experience of scaling rock faces is the amazing scenery and the mouth of the Ebro river down below, where you can enjoy some spectacular views over the most amazing landscapes on the Iberian Peninsula.

Before embarking on any climbing exhibition, it’s important to follow safety procedures and carefully check the weather forecasts. In some areas, climbing is prohibited in winter due to the lower temperatures. But the Sierra de Montsia range certainly offers a range of other great sports for you to enjoy, including mountain bike trails, hiking, bird watching and even mushroom picking!  In short, you’ll find endless outdoor activities in the region that all guarantee a fantastic, active holiday here in paradise.

At HCC Montsia, we’ll give you all the information you need for enjoying all the active tourism opportunities offered by the Ebro Delta.

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