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(English) St. Moritz, the foundations of HCC in a 19th century building

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Can you imagine staying right in the centre of Barcelona in a building from the 19th century but with all the modcons of 2015? Well in HCC St. Moritz you can, in a luxurious location next to the popular Paseo de Gracia.

HCC St. Moritz in the most emblematic of the seven HCC hotels in the Ciudad Condal as it is first HCC hotel and it has become one of the best in Barcelona.

The history of the building gives the hotel a unique and attractive image and in order to know its origins, we have to travel back in time to 1883. It was a time when Barcelona was developing immensely and many modernist style buildings were being constructed. One of the main locations for this fusion of art and architecture was the Paseo de Gracia, which until then had merely been the road linking the Ciutat Vella with the Villa de Gracia. The artistic movement continued well into the 20th century and became a symbol of modern day Barcelona.

It wasn´t until more than a century later in 1990 that the building located on calle Diputació was converted into a hotel, a brilliant idea which gave a new lease of life to a building that never went unnoticed by visitors to the city. In 2010, HCC reformed the building in order to meet the needs of clients today, without taking away any of the building’s original charm.

HCC St. Moritz has been recognized across the board in the hospitality sector and proof of this is its inclusion in the network of historic-artistic buildings by Turespaña, the national body of tourism, a well-deserved privilege which adds to the magic that visitors feel as they step into the hotel.

The hotel has got 91 luxuriously designed bedrooms, as well as St. Gallen restaurant that offers a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine. As if that wasn’t enough, the hotel’s location in the centre of the city means that it is ideal for visiting major attractions such as La Pedrera and la Casa Batlló on Paseo de Gracia, la Sagrada Familia or La Rambla.

HCC St. Moritz unites tradition and modernity and symbolizes the spirit of a chain of hotels that is constantly improving.

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