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(English) The Best Buildings on Paseo de Gracia

By | 22 February, 2017 | 0 comments

Paseo de Gracia is one of the best avenues in all of Barcelona. Strolling along this wide Spanish avenue is to journey through an open-air museum, where you can contemplate some of the jewels of Catalan modernist architecture, shop on the most luxurious street in the city and enjoy the most cosmopolitan of terraces, cafés and restaurants in Barcelona.

Seeing the street in its current guise, it’s hard to imagine the Paseo de Gracia of the past. In 1827 it was a rural road connecting the municipality of Gracia with Barcelona through the Puerta del Ángel. The Cerdá Plan laid the groundwork to convert this old road into a street for the bourgeoisie. Ildefonso Cerdá’s idea was to turn the Paseo de Gracia into a cornerstone of the Barrio del Ensanche neighbourhood. And after three decades of construction, the result could not have been more charming: a stretch of almost two kilometres exclusive to the Catalan bourgeoisie of the 19th century and a place to build their stately homes, it was designed by the leading architects of the time, including Antonio Gaudí, JosepPuigiCadafalch, JosepVilasecai Casanovas and LluísDomenechiMontaner. Furthermore, it became one of the main leisure areas of the city with restaurants, theatres, dancehalls and cafés.

Some of the most notable buildings on Paseo de Gracia include:

Casa LleóiMorera

LluísDomènechiMontaner was commissioned to refurbish the former Society for Promotion of Development at number 35 to convert it into a well-equipped modernist building like a “small-scale Palacio de la Música”.

Casa Mulleras

A masterpiece of Luis SagnieriVilavecchia, it is a building as far away from modernism as possible. It is located at number 37 and is notable for the central rostrum of its facade.

Casa Amatller

The work of architect JosepPuigiCadafalch, this Gothic building is located at number 41. It was commissioned by master chocolatier AntoniAmatller and surprises with its sgrafitto and ceramic façade.

Casa Batlló

Located at number 43 on the Paseo de Gracia, it is one of the most renowned buildings of the great Antonio Gaudí. Part of the architect’s naturalist period, it stands out for its undulating forms and its vivid colors. The importance of the Casa Batlló has been recognised by awards such as the Europa Nostra in 2004 and it was granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2005.

Casa EnricBatlló

Converted into a hotel, this home at number 75 is the work of JosepVilasecai Casanovas.

Casa Milà

Former residence of textile entrepreneur Pere Milà, it is currently one of the most notable cultural centres thanks to activities organised by the Catalunya–La Pedrera Foundation. Situated at number 92 on Paseo de Gracia, La Pedrera is one of Gaudí’s most well-known buildings that stands out for its strong appearance.

Casa Bonaventura Ferrer

Also known as El Palauet, in 2010 it was remodelled to be converted into a luxury hotel. The building at number 113 was designed by Pere FalquésiUrpí.

Palau Malagrida

The work of JoaquimCodinaiMatali and commissioned by the tobacco businessman Manuel Malagrida, it has been declared a cultural asset of local interest. Built in 1908, the building stands out for its façade, which features South American elements, such as the condor of the Andes and the wrought-iron balustrades and floral décor.

Palau Robert

The private residence of the Marquis de Robert, it breaks with the style of the time to provide forms and characteristics of the neo-classic style, bringing to life the plans of architect Henri Grandpierre. It currently serves as a cultural centre of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which hosts numerous exhibitions and leisure activities.

But Paseo de Gracia is much more than just the place of residence of the bourgeoisie, along with the treasures of Catalunyan modernism, you’ll discover the shops of leading brands in fashion, footwear and accessories to complement the street that houses the largest number of luxury shops in Barcelona.

It also benefits from a great range of hotels. For hoteliers, it is certainly a luxury to have an establishment in one of the nerve centres of Barcelona that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Our hotel HCCRegente is situated just 2 minutes walk from the Paseo de Gracia, the hotel HCC Taber just 5 minutes and the hotel HCC St. Moritz just 7 minutes walk. All are designed to make our visitors’ time here unforgettable, where they can take full advantage of the legacy of one of the most notable streets in the city of Barcelona.

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