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(English) The best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

By | 5 September, 2016 | 0 comments

Catalonian cuisine is famous on an international level and as a result Catalonia has won The European Region of Gastronomy Platform and Award 2016.

Catalonia is home to rich agricultural land and great chefs and therefore its cuisine is made with high quality products and its typical Mediterranean dishes are influenced by Greek and Italian cuisine. The amount of restaurants in Barcelona that have been awarded Michelin stars demonstrate the excellent reputation of Catalonian cuisine – in 2016, 23 restaurants in Barcelona alone were awarded Michelin stars for their performance in 2015.

Here is a list of some of the best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona:


Situated in Avenida del Tibidabo, this restaurant in fact has two Michelin stars and is famous for its haute cuisine and its chef, Jordi Cruz. ABaC offers fun, modern and daring dishes á la carte or a gourmet set menu, all of which are of the highest quality.


Situated in Calle Mallorca, 259, this restaurant has two Michelin stars and is run by Martin Berasategui. In Lasarte restaurant, diners can enjoy a wonderful gastronomic experience at the hands of two great chefs, Paolo Casagrande and Joan Carlos Ibañez.


Carme Ruscalleda, one of the most famous Spanish chefs, runs this restaurant along with his son Raül Balam. Situated in Paseo de Gracia, 38, Moments has two Michelin stars and its menu is based on seasonal products.

Hoja Santa

After just a year of opening, Hoja Santa already has a Michelin star. Situated in Avenida de Mistral, 54, this restaurant serves Mexican cuisine and its high quality dishes by Albert Adriá and Paco Méndez have had great success.

These are some of the Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona and by visiting these restaurants diners will undoubtedly sample the most delicious and daring cuisine on offer today.

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