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(English) The best terraces in Barcelona

By | 26 July, 2016 | 0 comments

The moderate climate in Barcelona means that outdoor terraces can be enjoyed almost all-year round, but in the summer it is a completely different experience. Barcelona has dozens of terraces overlooking the beach, in hotels, in the old part of town and in some of the most well-known squares, each with its own style and taste. Below are some of the best outdoor terraces in Barcelona:

The terrace at St. Gallen Restaurant

Situated next to the Paseo de Gracia in the HCC Hotel St. Moritz, the terrace in St. Gallen Restaurant gives visitors a relaxing private space right in the centre of Barcelona. As well as having a drink from the extensive list available, visitors can choose from a delicios menu un St. Gallen Restaurant.

The Indianas terrace at the Museo de Historia de Catalunya

This is an ideal place to have an aperitif such as the typical vermut or sit down for a delicious meal whilst enjoying the panoramic view of Port Vell in Barcelona. It’s also a wonderful idea to enjoy the history of this building which is currently home to the History Museum of Catalunya but was once the warehouse for the Port of Barcelona.

The terrace at Racó del Montblanc

Situated in the Gothic Quarter near Plaza de Catalunya, at Racó del Montblanc guests can enjoy the exquisite cuisine. The relaxing atmosphere makes it the ideal place to sip a cocktail or pour a glass of wine from the excellent selection of wines available.

Café d’estiu

In line with the style of the Gothic Quarter, Café d’estiu is a calm place inviting visitors to relax and enjoy a coffee or something delicious to eat whilst unwinding among the orange trees in the patio of the Frederic Marés Museum.

Bar Calders

Bar Calders offers a large variety of tapas and four different types of vermut n one of the most beautiful terraces of the Sant Antoni neighbourhood.

Martínez terrace

At the foot of Montjüic visitors can find this chic terrace which specializes in paella and different rice dishes. Apart from its exquisite menu, one of its main attractions is the stunning view of Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

Antic Teatre

A visit to Antic Teatre is a completely unique experience. Situated in la Ribera neighbourhood, it is well-known for its alternative atmosphere and its cultural associations. The terrace has many trees and vegetable plants and here guests can enjoy a beer and enjoy an independent show.

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