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(English) The Casa de les Punxes – the home of Sant Jordi and the dragon

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In the very centre of Barcelona in the Avinguda (Avenida) Diagonal, passersby will be fascinated by the sight of a castle with six towers, sharp edges and an amazing brick colour that takes us back to medieval times and tales of princes and princesses. Inside the castle is the only museum dedicated to one of the most famous legends in Barcelona – the story of Saint George (Sant Jordi) and the dragon. The Casa de les Punxes is not only home to the famous Terradas family but it is also the place where the legend lives on.

The Casa de les Punxes, or as it is known in Castilian Spanish La Casa de las Puntas, owes its original name to the architectural design of Josep Puig I Cadafalch, the architect who was commissioned by the Terradas family to bring life to one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona situated along the route of modernist architecture. The building evokes images of European Gothic architecture with its huge towers and decoration related to the theme of Saint George (Sant Jordi).

In 1976, the Casa de les Punxes was declared a Historical Monument of National Interest and it is now open to the public after it was reformed by Jaume Falguera. The parts of the building which can be visited by members of the general public are the following:

Discover the Casa de les Punxes

Visit the interior of the building designed by Josep Puig I Cadafalch and uncover its secrets and marvel at its spectacular stained glass windows and sculptures. Also, visitors can explore the roof terrace where the pointed columns can be found which give the building its name as well as truly experiencing the legend of Saint George (Sant Jordi).

Entry price is 20 euros for adults, 18 euros for groups of more than 14 and for children younger than five years old entry is free. For residents of Barcelona entry is 14 euros.

The legend of Saint George (Sant Jordi)

Visitors can truly experience the legend of Saint George (Sant Jordi) on the main floor of the building where the museum is situated in a space of 500m. Using virtual reality and 3D, the museum offers an interactive experience for tourists to discover the most important legend in Catalonia.

Entry costs 12,50 euros for adults with an audio guide, 11,25 euros for children aged between 5 and 17 years, retired adults and students, and for children younger than five years old entry is free.

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