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Three things you didn’t know about the digital transition you can discover at BizBarcelona 2020

By | 22 January, 2020 | 0 comments

BizBarcelona 2020, the conference for companies and entrepreneurs alike that will focus this year on encouraging and explaining the need for companies to begin their digital transition. From 27 to 28 May, head down to Fira de Montjuic to be at the cutting edge.


Digital transformations increase profits

“Join the transformative movement”. That’s the theme and motto that BizBarcelona will be bringing to the conference this year. The exhibition will seek to showcase and help attendees understand the need and benefits of making company processes digital, whether they’re management, financial or human resources in nature, as well as operations, production and storage.

Digital transformations are always about maximising the benefits in business, whether small, medium or even the largest corporations. Proper digital optimisation of processes is about saving resources, materials, time and money – naturally translating into increased profits.

BizBarcelona: Rapid and effective digitalisation of small and medium sized enterprises

“Digital transformation happens so fast and spectacularly nowadays that small businesses have to be ready”, explained Antoni Cañete, Director General of Pimec, at the announcement of the conference.

Big companies, because of their more favourable positions, are able to tackle the digital transformation of society more gradually, where innovation is a constant focus. The problem rests with small and medium sized companies, who simply can’t afford to ignore the digital world. At BizBarcelona 2020, all the tools and solutions you need to transform your company will be on show.

Logistics, promotions and distribution in digital transformation

In 2020, the exhibition hall at Fira Barcelona will be a showcase of all the latest news and tips companies can adopt to achieve a successful digital transformation. All the important processes and terms, such as Big Data, digital marketing and mobile‑portable technology will be explained in detail to SMEs and their representatives, promoting the rapid benefits they can help bring about.

Find out how your logistics, promotions and distribution specific to your company can see massive improvements, not just in efficiency and streamlining, but also in your profits too.

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