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Visit the Delta del Ebro as a family with great offers from HCC Montsia

By | 21 January, 2020 | 0 comments

delta_ebroThe Delta del Ebro is one of the most perfect places for a family break. This most wonderful geographic feature of the Iberian peninsula certainly stands out, not just for its natural beauty and the multitude of outdoor activities available, but also for the amazing landscapes and opportunities to explore all the natural phenomena the Delta experiences all year round.

Trips are highly recommended at any time of year.It’s the perfect untouched gem where you can relax and forget all the stresses and struggles of life back home.In autumn and winter, it doesn’t lose one iota of its charm making it simply perfect for children to see first-hand the wondrous spectre of nature and how it changes with the climate. See the rice fields being prepared for planting in the winter months, contemplate the stunning transformation of the Alfacada lagoon when it fills with sea water as the rains roll in, or simply sit back and enjoy the amazing birdsong, as a whole host of new species fly in at this time of year – just some of the great outdoor pursuits you can enjoy by getting back to nature as a family.

Staying in the Delta del Ebro

Very close to the Delta del Ebro, you’ll find the wonderful HCC Montsia Hotel. Its proximity to this stunning natural beauty spot makes it the perfect place to stay on a family trip, where you can enjoy making some unforgettable memories together.

With our connecting rooms special offer, you’ll be able to enjoy a 12% discount and can stay in a family room made up of two inter-connecting doubles with separate bathroom. A practical option so you can be close to your family without being in each other’s pockets.

Rooms at the HCC Montsia come with all the home comforts you’d expect of a 21st century hotel, alongside all the charms of the beautiful Delta del Ebro nearby, where you can stroll through the stunning town of Amposta, explore the beautiful streets and all the modernist buildings, as well as the Tierras del Ebro Museum, Amposta Castle and Bou Gardens.

Make the most of our connecting rooms special offer and enjoy a fantastic family escape in the magical Delta del Ebro.https://www.hcchotels.com/hcc-montsia/ofertas-montsia/especial-12-descuento-en-habitaciones-comunicadas-01yz00/

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