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15 reasons to visit Barcelona in spring

By | 28 March, 2023 | 0 comments

Spring is one of the best seasons for travelling, so if you’re thinking of visiting Barcelona, you can’t afford to miss out on this wonderful and colourful city in the months from March to June. Today, we’re going to give you 15 reasons to visit the Catalan capital in springtime. Enjoy!

primavera en Barcelona

1. Visiting Barcelona in springtime: all the best weather

If you’re looking for an unbeatable climate, there’s nowhere better than Barcelona in spring, when the city of sunshine enjoys perfect temperatures thanks to its ideal location by the Mediterranean Sea. In short, the Catalan capital takes on a whole new lease of life when spring rolls around and the daylight hours increase, perfect for enjoying all the great weather late into the afternoon and early evening.

2. Experience the colours of spring 

If you’re thinking of visiting Barcelona, you’ll probably be surprised by just how vibrant and colourful the city can be – and even more so in spring. The truth is, Barcelona is beautiful all year round, but when spring arrives, the flower stalls begin to take over Las Ramblas, the plants and trees burst into bloom and the Catalan capital offers even more spectacular views and scenery, especially from Tibidabo.

3. A quiet time to visit Barcelona

Peace and quiet – yes, even in a bustling city – is what spring in Barcelona is all about. If you want to discover the Catalan capital without the usual amount of tourists you tend to see in summer, visiting all the top tourist attractions without the crowds and queues, this is without doubt the best time to do it.

4. Start enjoying the beaches before anyone else!

The Catalan capital’s beaches generally start to open up from 15 March, but the high season doesn’t truly take off until around mid-June. That means anyone thinking of visiting Barcelona between March and May will be able to make the most of the city’s wonderful 7 beaches, with sunny skies and warm temperatures that would give summer a run for its money, only without the crowds…

5. The best time of year for outdoor pursuits

Barcelona is one of the most well-adapted cities in the world for exercising outdoors and open-air sport. That means there are plenty of great events and competitions held in the great outdoors, including world-renowned marathons and golf championships. And the city’s climate in spring time – as well as all the spaces dedicated to physical activity – make it a great place for anyone wanting to get fit and active in the fresh air.

6. Barcelona in spring and the most romantic sunsets

If you’re not sure what to see and do in Barcelona, we recommend you don’t leave the Catalan capital without enjoying one of its magical springtime sunsets. It’s the time of year when the Earth is closest to the sun, which creates some out-of-this-world sunsets with the most magical colours. The celestial display – together with our vibrant, colourful city – really is a privilege to behold.

Similarly, we also recommend to all our guests that they take the opportunity to get up early and enjoy the Barcelona sunrise, with the best views probably available from Montjuïc. A great way to make memories in the city!

7. Visit the Sagrada Familia!

Probably the most emblematic historical landmark in the entire city – maybe even the entire world – the Sagrada Familia is always popular, and visits typically involve waiting in an endless queue… However, visiting in springtime has the added benefit of there being fewer tourists around than during the summer peak, so you won’t just get in without the queue, but you’ll also get to enjoy the cathedral’s stained glass windows in all their springtime glory, as the light at this time of year helps put on a magical display.

8. Explore the colorful Ramblas in spring

Traveling to Barcelona involves discovering Las Ramblas, one of the longest streets in Europe. This boulevard is surrounded by trees, shops, and cafés, among which there are flower stalls, kiosks with souvenirs of the city, and ice cream shops. Additionally, on this avenue, we find La Boquería, the city’s most famous traditional market, where you can taste authentic local food. Don’t miss it during your visit to Barcelona in spring!


9. Barcelona in spring: Comfort

Spring arrives in the Catalan capital, and with it, coats, scarves, gloves, etc. begin to disappear. Thus, this time of year allows us to travel to Barcelona and move around the city much more comfortably.


10. Barcelona Gardens: Nature in the center of the city

It is essential to be able to enjoy spaces of fresh air in the middle of the city, where you can exercise, meditate or disconnect. Especially in spring, Barcelona has one of the most impressive green spaces in the world: Park Güell. It is a botanical garden full of history and breathtaking views of the city.

11. Outdoor dining season begins

The good weather season and eating on terraces are approaching, and who doesn’t miss eating a good paella in front of Barcelona’s beach? Additionally, after lunch, you can take a walk through Barceloneta, an ideal walk to burn off the food by the sea.


12. Take a boat ride

The months from March to June are ideal for taking a boat tour in Barcelona as the climate begins to soften the tide and the Mediterranean sea breeze. It is about getting to know the city from another perspective and getting closer to the surroundings to make an excursion. A most appropriate plan thanks to the wonderful Catalan coast.


13. Barcelona on wheels: The best time to move around by bike

Spring is a great season for cycling, especially in a city like Barcelona adapted to this popular means of transport. You can take some of the best-known routes in the Catalan capital to get to know the landscapes and main monuments.


14. Diada de Sant Jordi: Festival of the Rose and the Book

If you are thinking of traveling to Barcelona in April, you should know that on the 23rd, the festival of the Rose and the Book is celebrated, better known as Sant Jordi’s Day. Celebrate the Catalan alternative to Valentine’s Day by giving your partner a book and a rose. You don’t need to come prepared, as the main streets of the city will be crowded with book and flower stands.

15. Why traveling to Barcelona is special

Barcelona is a unique city that is worth getting lost in its streets and discovering its secrets, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. Explore the culture and traditions of the Catalans, their language, history, and gastronomy.

In short, traveling to Barcelona in spring is a great alternative as the city is filled with color, it’s more comfortable to make plans, the city is quieter than other times of the year, and you can enjoy an unbeatable climate.

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