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(English) 5 Different Burger Places to Taste the Best Burgers in Barcelona

By | 26 February, 2018 | 0 comments

The burger, that mythical and sacred dish that’s gone from being merely a fast-food staple to a true gourmet delight. In this post, we’re introducing you to five of the best burgers in Barcelona.


Bacoa, calle Colomines

Considered one of the best burger outlets in the city of Barcelona,its success can be seen in just how quickly Bacoa has expanded: Little Bacoa, the first to open, followed by Bacoa Universitat and now Bacoa calle Ferrán. Its brilliance comes in the way you’re able to choose exactly what type of meat you want, all great quality beef, lamb and chicken, which are among the most popular choices on the menu.

Santa Burg, calle Vallespir

This burger restaurant takes the original recipe to unexpected extremes. It’s well worth the visit to try one of their innovative dishes, such as the salmon burger. Yes, you read that right, salmon. Santa Burg plays with every kind of flavour to create truly unique burgers.

La Burg, paseo de Sant Joan Bosco

La Burg has transformed the humble hamburger into a deli-style delight. They combine flavours and styles from all around the world as part of their varied burger menu. Their range of sauces cover Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Canadian and of course the American classics. What sets them apart is their ability to transform the very culture of burgers, from something quick and easy and unhealthy to a real gourmet treat.

Burgers in Barcelona: De Paula, calle Creu dels Molers

The De Paula burger restaurant makes only 100% handcrafted burgers. They serve up maximum quality, all done by hand, reflecting the care and attention that goes into each and every dish. At De Paula, their originality can be tasted in the burgers on their menu, the majority of which are named after surrounding streets in their neighbourhood of Poble Sec.

Oval, calle Valencia

A place in Eixample where you can create your very own style of burger. At Oval, you can choose and customise each and every one of the ingredients that go into your burger. The type of bread, the kind of meat, which added ingredients you want to try plus any sauces you want to sample – it’s all so customised, you can even put your own name to your creation.

Pick whichever restaurant looks best to you and enjoy some of the best burgers in all of Barcelona.

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