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(English) Off the Beaten Track in Barcelona: the 4 Best Palaces in Barcelona you can visit

By | 28 February, 2018 | 0 comments

Barcelona is a city with a rich history, where you can see the ancient footprints of its residents through timeeverywhere you look. And though many historical elements have disappeared over the years, there are lots that remain to this day, including these four wonderful palaces in Barcelona you can visit on your next trip.

Palau de la Música

Palau Moxó

A Baroque-style palace belonging to the Moxó family, from whom it takes its name. It’s a unique building in Barcelona because of the place it takes in the city’s history. It was the only such palace of its style and era to remain standing after the bombings in the Spanish Civil War. If you want to pay a visit, guided tours are available where you’ll get to explore all the different rooms throughout the palace, excluding the Moxó family’s private chambers, where they still live to this day.

Palaces in Barcelona: Palau de la Virreina

Another palace built in the Baroque style at the very heart of Barcelona. Looking on from Las Ramblas, you can see the main façade of the palace, which today houses Barcelona’s cultural centre. Visits to the palace are centred around two main areas. On the one hand, you can explore the palace buildings themselves, and on the other, you can delve into the permanent exhibitions that are housed here, in what’s known as the Image Centre.

Palau de la Música

Catalan modernism in its purest form. You simply cannot miss out on the opportunity to see this beautiful palace. As the name suggests, it’s dedicated to all things musical. Here, you can enjoy just about every kind of music, from classical staples all the way up to the most modern. Find more information in one of our other blog posts on the Palau de la Música.

Palau Güell

Built by the famed Antoni Gaudí, thisis one of his earlierkey works from near the end of the 19th century. In extraordinary modernist style, it was one of the most well-funded palaces of the times, thanks to the significant power and influence of Eusebi Güell, the project’s trustee. A visit to Palacio Güell is a definite must-see on anyone’s travel itinerary around Barcelona.

Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s amazing palace architecture by following a trail past these four great monuments in our city. A unique visit that will help you bring Barcelona’s noble and stately past to life.

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