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(English) 5 Routes for Discovering the Landscapes of the Berguedá Region

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The Berguedá region takes in more than a thousand square kilometres and the entire essence of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees region. The landscape is marked by three key elements – water, limestone rock and vegetation – combined in different proportions to give the very best picture of this part of the Barcelona province. The northern area is characterised by lower mountains surrounding the river Llobregat. To the south, the rivers have carved out a more rugged landscape of their own from the high mountains. Both areas combined create an extraordinary landscape where you’ll discover the charms of Berguedá and can enjoy various sports and outdoor activities.fonts-del-llobregat

Berguedá is the perfect destination for enjoying nature tourism. Its varied landscape is adapted to the needs of each and every visitor, with possibilities for everyone. To the south, routes are particularly suited tomore experienced hikers, while the northern range offers walks that are more suitable for recreation and family outings. All allow you to experience a living environment that breathes to the rhythm of the flora and fauna in the Cadi-Moixeró Nature Park.

Routes to the Santuario de Queralt

Up to three different itineraries allow you to discover the charms of the Sierra de Queralt. All start at the Plaça Sant Francesc de Berga and are particularly recommended for some family exploring. The shortest, by Sant Pere de Madrona, offers a 4.5 kilometre tour, the route by Umbria adds another kilometre, while the longest, by las Capillas, is a 7.5 kilometre journey in total.

Routes from the Santuario de Queralt

The majesty of el Queralt is the starting point for two recreational trips. The first ends 8 kilometres later at Espinalbet and allows you to enjoy diverse wildlife as wonderful as the black woodpecker, the spotted woodpecker and vultures. The other tour ends at the Santuario de Corbera after an 11 kilometre walk, where you’ll enjoy spectacular views from the highest points.

Circular route from Tossal de Saldes

This is a journey of some 7 kilometres, which begins and ends in Cal Xisquet, taking in outstanding views of the Pedrafroca, the Sierra de Cadí and Prats hills as you go. This circular route is suitable for the whole family.

Circular route by Guardiola de Berguedá

Taking the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Guardiola de Berguedá as both the starting and end point, this 6 kilometre route allows you to plunge into the landscape of the Llobregat valley and discover the treasures that lie along the railroad, linked to the birth of the village.

Circular route from Moli de Gósol i Torrentsenta

This route,which is suitable for the entire family, begins in one of those picturesque little towns that truly retain the charm of yesteryear, el Gósol. Along some 7 kilometres, hikers will tour the ruins of the town known for its farming character on a route that runs along old cattle trails.

Circular route from Pedret to Sant Miquel de les Canals y Corrúbies

This route begins at the Puente de Pedret and continues on the road signposted to Sant Quirze de Pedret.  Along the 10.9 kilometre stretch of this route, you’ll pass points of interest as interesting as the old mill of Pedret, the Rocs spring, the Guimbás valley and panoramas of Vilada.

At HCC Hotels we provide you with complementary information on all routes and suggestions for active tourism in the Berguedá region so you can enjoy our unique natural environment.

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