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(English) 5 Unmissable Neighbourhood Festivals in Barcelona This Summer

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The streets of Barcelona will come to life in all their finery this summer as part of the neighbourhood festivals in Barcelona. Music, fireworks, human towers, giants, local food, art, fun and traditions are just some of the fabulous ingredients common to all of them, but the unique spirit and intrinsic personality of each neighbourhood gives each and every festival its very own playful strength.Festivals in Barcelona

Without doubt, local festivals are a great way to get to know Barcelona. Unlike other major cities, Barcelona retains the character of its neighbourhoods across many parts of the city. Locals actively take part in the organisation and development of festivals and are the beating heart of the festival programme. Here, we present 5 unmissableneighbourhood festivals in Barcelonathis summer:

Festivals in Barcelona: El Raval Fiesta Mayor

One of the first events will take place from 11th to 15th July in the most multicultural neighbourhood of Barcelona. Organised by the Tot Raval Foundation, the Fiesta Mayor of El Raval is full of activities in cultural centres, guided tours and itineraries through the artistic jewels of the neighbourhood. A truly unique way to get to know the most multicultural and cosmopolitan face of Barcelona.

Poble Sec Fiesta Mayor

Linked to the festival in El Raval, on July 15th the biggest festival in Poble Sec will take place, with activities and events for all tastes. Dances, human towers, giants and local paellas are just some of the draws to the party in Poble Sec, along with great fun and a fantastic atmosphere.

Gràcia Fiesta Mayor

From 15th to 21st August the most colourful party in all of Barcelona will take place, thanks to decorations designed by locals from the neighbourhood that every year has a different theme. Colour, light, decoration and an intense programme of activities are just some of the hallmarks in Gràcia that dazzle locals and visitors alike.

Sants Fiesta Mayor

Taking a stroll through the 22 streets adorned by locals for the occasion is one of the major attractions of the Fiesta Mayor in Sants. The colourful streets, the amazing music, art and a huge variety of activities are the perfect companions to an excellent day out from 20th to 28th August.

Poblenou Fiesta Mayor

To wave farewell to summer, there’s nothing better than experiencing a neighbourhood festival that almost perfectly preserves its personality as the old quarter, away from the busy centre of Barcelona. Music, fireworks, traditional food, children’s activities and dance will breathe life into the Poblenou festival between 10th and 19th September.

These are the biggest summer festivals in Barcelona’s neighbourhoods, and a unique opportunity to combine tourism with some fun.

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