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(English) Active tourism in Tortosa-Beceite Nature Park

By | 25 March, 2019 | 0 comments

Catalonia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and perfect regions for visitors interested in active tourism. Its natural elevation and lush vegetation typical of Mediterranean forests make it the ideal destination for hiking, climbing and a whole host of other great adventures. The Tortosa-Beceite Nature Park is one of Catalonia’s most perfect secluded corners for enjoying a spot of active tourism.

Tortosa Beceite

Located between the provinces of Tarragona, Teruel and Castellón, these areas of Catalonia and Valencia have been officially declared protected nature reserves, with the first zone named Parque Natural dels Ports by the authorities in 2001. The park is spread over more than 860 hectares and covers the municipalities of Montsia, Bajo Ebro and Tierra Alta. The perfect destination for enjoying some active tourism, the region is rich in wonderful forests with more than a thousand different tree species, including pines, oaks and the native holm oak. Special mention has to go to the region’s natural fauna, with this mountainous region also home to many amazing animals, including the Spanish goat, the vulture and the Iberian lynx.

Montsia – come and see the natural beauty!

The municipality of Montsia is a perfect starting point for a day of active tourism in the local area. At HCC, we know how much this great region has to offer, that’s why our hotel HCC Montsia doesn’t just offer the best accommodation around for total rest and relaxation, where you can leave all the stress of the city behind, but we also offer comprehensive information and tips on all the best trails and leisure options you can enjoy during your stay.

The nature park is perfect for exploring whether on foot or by bike. The many caving activities are also a great way to enjoy the region, with a huge number of caves to explore, as well as some enchanting whirlpools and chasms that you’ll find everywhere you look in Els Ports. Outdoor sporting activities can also be enjoyed in abundance in our little corner of Tarragona.

And whether you’re wanting to kick off your day with some culture or just do some exploring after lunch, there’s nothing better than visiting the Terres de l’Ebre Museum in Amposta, which showcases the ecological prowess of the region, plus the cultural heritage and many treasures of the local landscape.

Tortosa-Beceite Nature Park guarantees amazing sport and leisure options in a setting that is sure to impress.

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