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(English) Amposta winds back the clock to the 20th century with the Festa del Mercat

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Over three fun-filled days, the impressive modernist-style houses of the historic centre of Amposta will share the stage with one of the town’s most picturesque festivals, Festa del Mercat. Between 17 and 19 May, the town will transform back to the early 20th century to relive their agricultural past and breathe new life into the traditional market with a full programme of events, music, dance and tradition.

Festa del Mercat 2019

Festa del Mercat in Amposta

In 1908, Amposta achieved the honour of becoming a city thanks to the concession of King Alfonso XIII. With little more than 4,000 inhabitants, its economy was chiefly based on agriculture and fishing. Farmers and fishermen found the weekly market in town to be the perfect place to sell their wares. But ever since 2008, the year that commemorated the town’s centenary to honour its past and the anniversary of receiving its city-status, Amposta has hosted this traditional festival that is now in its eighth year.

Experiencing Festa del Mercat in Amposta is a highlight of any trip to the region, where you’ll be able to see the best example of a traditional market from the early 20th century. Even the smallest details are all perfectly crafted. Festival workers wear a variety of different period clothing – to mark their social status of the day – giving us a perfect insight into a bustling market filled with fruit and vegetable, meat and fish stalls, along with many other amazing products, including clothing and accessories.

The festival events will begin on Friday 13th with the arrival of the fictional character Anna Roca – the spirit of the last steamboat to navigate its way down the Ebro – at Puente Colgante [Hanging Bridge], kicking off the festivities and who is in charge of introducing the various festival acts. Some 80 stalls, 12 taverns and 27 shops will be part of the busy weekly market that will only be enhanced by the hustle and bustle of period cars and carriages coming from neighbouring towns to stock up on their weekly shop. Knife sharpeners, watchmen and a shepherd with 300 sheep, among plenty of other great characters, will be just some of the people you might be lucky enough to bump into on your journey back to the 20th century.

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