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Days Out for Children at Park Güell

By | 15 October, 2018 | 0 comments

All the treasures left to us by Antonio Gaudí have the power to captivate with their magical spirit and breathe life into architecture. And what could be better than introducing the littlest members of your family to the famed architect’s most prized works as you watch their imagination’s carry them away. One of the best ways to do this is to bring your children along to Park Güell, where the Catalan architect gave free rein to open space and creative freedom, creating a space fit for the perfect kids’ game.

Park Güell

From the entrance to Park Güell, your little ones can appreciate the works of the Reus-born genius as they head into more than 17 hectares of forest and a world full of magic and illusion.A place where geometric shapes evoke trees that grow from deep within the ground and blend with the pine, eucalyptus, palm, fig and almond trees to create a space where everything seems to be springing to life all year round.

There are 3 recommended routes within the park, but the best idea is to simply let your children become the guides themselves, which was a game originally thought up by Gaudí.A game where 60 metres of uneven trail takes you into the heart of this park, full of undulating shapes, columns that look like trees, as well as the small and colourful ceramic mosaics that stand out amongst the plant life.It’s a world that takes you up beautiful staircases to come face-to-face with some amazing dragons, where vast columns become trees that sprout from the ground, leading your little explorers to a large 100-metre terrace where you’ll be able to take in spectacular views over the Barcelona cityscape, dazzling the whole family, all while standing on the back of a snake!

But the game doesn’t end there – children can continue to let their imaginations run wild with the hundreds of trees that make up the most beautiful and enchanting park in Barcelona, or perhaps visit some of the park’s great monuments, such as the House of Gaudí Museum.

Currently, the park is divided into two zones. Firstly, an area that’s free to access and, secondly, an area you must pay to enter, which includes the monument zone. Ticket prices for general admission are 7 euros online or 8 euros at the entrance. Tickets for children between 7 and 12 years old are 4.90 euros online or 5.60 euros at the entrance.For those under 6 years old, entrance is free.

At HCC Hotels, we can give you all the information you need about your visit to Park Güell.A magical, unforgettable place for anyone visiting Barcelona.

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