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(English) Delta of River Ebro: an expedition into the natural world

By | 15 April, 2016 | 0 comments

There are very few natural paradises in the Iberian peninsula with such a magnetism as the Delta.  A natural feast for the senses, nature’s power can be admired along the Delta of River Ebro. One of the largest wetlands in Europe, its wildlife and bio diversity has gained the Natural Park international recognition. Spoiled with many choices, visitors who come here can choose among a wide variety of outdoor, nature- related, activities, designed to enjoy the lovely Mediterranean weather.

A perfect destination for travellers looking for a real break, the Delta provides comfort away from tourist crowds and city life. Passionate explorers have in Tarragona’s region their ideal place too, with plenty options for hikers, cyclists or kayakers to name just a few the Delta offers an alternative for your summer holidays. Famous for its gastronomy, sport lovers will also be rewarded at the end of their day with succulent dishes rich in rice.

When it comes to finding a hotel, the Delta of River Ebro has plenty options to choose from. Places like Amposta or San Carlos de Rápita for example, offer charming urban hotels but little cottages and rural apartments can also be found across the Natural Park. Although good choices all of them, picking a well-connected accommodation is an important consideration for nature-lover visitors when choosing a lodge in the Delta.

Sited in the city center of Amposta, hcc montsia de Amposta is the best option for travellers in the Delta of River Ebro. Strategically located, the best spots within the Park are easy to reach for its guests. Accommodation however, is far from being the main feature of the trip across this breath-taking land.

Home of an enormous variety of birds, its lakes and rice fields make Delta of River Ebro a highly recommendable family destination. Sanctuary of about 300.000 species the Park is an instructive experience for young and old, particularly appealing for visitors interested in birding. Especially beautiful are Flamingos, which can be seen at Tancada’s lake. This spectacle alone is worth the journey.

On top of its natural splendor, the Delta also gives visitors the possibility of swimming in some of the most beautiful beaches in Cataluña. With 4 kilometers of white sand and dunes, Eucalipto beach is a dream like spot that has positioned the Park on the top ten places you must visit in Spain.

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