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(English) Do you drive an electric car? Parking for electric cars in Barcelona now available at our hotels

By | 13 July, 2018 | 0 comments

Barcelona leads the Spanish electric cars market and, for that very reason, HCC Hotels has made it even easier to access parking for electric cars at Hotel St. MortizHotel Montblanc and Hotel HCC Lugano.

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Electric car use to more than double in 2018

Month-on-month comparisons for 2018 against the previous year indicate an increase of more than double in electric car registrations. This figure includes the boom in newly-introduced electrical systems in traditional combustible vehicles.

But one of the first thoughts that springs to mind when buying an electric car is where can I recharge it if I’m travelling away from home? At HCC Hotels, we understand that concern, that’s why we’ve introduced parking for electric vehicles in Barcelona as one of the many services we can offer our guests.

An electric car’s range can reach up to around 300km, depending on the make and model. That’s more than enough freedom to make your usual journeys, but if you’re travelling any great distance, you’ll normally have to plan where you’re going to recharge your vehicle in advance.

Advantages of driving electric cars

The greatest advantage of electric cars is the enormous reduction in polluting emissions. It’s estimated that using a vehicle of this type can amount to a reduction of 15 tonnes of CO2 over 10 years.

What’s more, electric cars are far more efficient than combustion engines. They’re able to use up to 75% of the total energy they consume, while traditional cars only use up around 25%.

What’s more, drivers also pay less tax and enjoy less expensive maintenance costs compared with traditional cars. As you can see, these savings and benefits are a long-term advantage, so if you’re still not driving an electric car, we’d encourage you to make the move over to cleaner, newer technology as soon as you can.

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