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Secret spaces to discover in Barcelona: Library Arús

By | 16 July, 2018 | 0 comments

We’re continuing our quest to encourage all our guests to discover some amazingly special places in Barcelona, unique locations that will help turn your trip to the city into a truly unforgettable experience. We’ve already told you about some historical libraries in other posts, such as the library de Catalunya, but this time we want to help you discover all the secrets of library Arús, found at 26, Passeig de St Joan.


Relive history at Library Arús

Following the death of writer and philosopher Rossend Arús, the library that takes his name was founded in 1895. Today, it has been transformed into a library that serves as a meeting place and reference point for researchers and students exploring today’s culture and society.

The origins of library Arús lie in the ideology of its founder, who wanted to spread and share culture amongst the entire population of the time, both men and women, without any discrimination.

Beyond more than 4,000 books that Arús managed to accumulate during his lifetime, as well as those he ordered for the library’s opening, his estate contributed to adding 20,000 more volumes so that the people of the city could freely access culture without any impediment.

Library Arús’ rooms and secrets

All the hidden corners in the library are guaranteed to leave you speechless. From the entrance, you’ll see a white marble staircase and leading from it an amazing surprise you won’t be expecting, a replica of the Statue of Liberty dating from the 19th century, one of the few examples still preserved today.

Another place that’s sure to impress visitors is the area dedicated to masonic culture. Currently, it’s one of the public spaces with the most masonry-related artefacts and documents, pieces on the workers’ movement and anarchism, all uncovering real interest through a wide-ranging collection and high-quality set of writings.

At HCC Hotels, we love to help you discover different places, unique locations that might otherwise go unnoticed on your trip to Barcelona, giving you one of the best holidays you’ve ever enjoyed.

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