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(English) El Raval and the Most Multicultural Face of Barcelona

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El Raval is not famous for being the cleanest, nor for being the safest district of Barcelona, but rather for the wealth of diverse culturesyou’ll find on its streets and the very personality of this neighbourhood, which is whatattractsso many visitors seeking out a new and exciting place. It’s aneighbourhood where you can enjoy dishes from kitchens all around the world, where you’ll meet new artists and where you can buy unique and exclusive products, findingspaces that you just won’t see in other cities.Barrio Gótico

El Raval is part of Barcelona’s CiutatVella, bounded by the districts of Poble-sec and SantAntoni, and stands out as a place of colour that’s full of life, thanks to the ethnic and cultural wealth of its streets. On these very streets you’ll find hiddencorners away from the busiest tourist attractions of Barcelona, where you’ll explore a neighbourhood where bars, restaurants, art galleries and specialty shops with their own quaint workshops all coexist, places that have survived changes in the neighbourhood and that hint at the nature of the city’s hard-working, humble past.


Proof of this multiculturalism is found in its cafés, teashops, bars and ethnic restaurants where you’ll taste amazing dishes of the different cuisines from all over the world. The majority are concentrated on the Rambla del Raval and calleJoaquín. Special mention must go to La Boqueria del Raval and the MercatSantAntoni where, besides enjoying the food, you can buy fresh and quality ingredients for yourself.


Another indisputable symbol of this neighbourhood is art. Its streets are adorned with a multitude of galleries and art studios, but it also houses some of the best museums in Barcelona, such as the MACBA (Museud’ArtContemporani de Barcelona) and the CCCB (Centre de CulturaContemporània de Barcelona).


The cultural character of the district is also seen in itsshops and specialist businessesthat reject the trends of major clothing chains to offer personalised looks from the stores of young designers, secondhand shops, vintage and retro outlets, all leading to this place becoming a neighbourhood frequented by lovers of shopping looking for unique and exclusive items.

The Rambla del Raval

Besides being the newest of Barcelona’s Ramblas, it is known as the lung of the neighbourhood. The width of the boulevard allows you to enjoy the terraces on the street, which are very popular with a younger crowd. One of the most photographed places on the Rambla del Raval is undoubtedly Fernando Botero’s cat, one of the best symbols of neighbourhood integration in the city.

A visit to Raval presents the most plural and cosmopolitan face of Barcelona. It’s the most international neighbourhood that has preserved its ancient working personality, adapting to the plurality of cultures to become a neighbourhood full of very special places indeed.

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