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(English) Fiesta Mayor de Gracia and Fiesta Mayor de Sants in Barcelona

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Barcelona’s famous neighbourhood Fiesta Mayores are some of the city’s most symbolic and exciting events. With festive and colourful atmospheres, along with a multitude of events and activities on offer, Barcelona has managed to keep this ancient neighbourhood party spirit alive to this very day. On 15 August, Fiesta Mayor de Gracia will begin, before leading into Fiesta Mayor de Sants on 20 August.

Barrios de Barcelona

Each neighbourhood’s own Fiesta Mayor celebration is an enormous creative explosion that perfectly encapsulates the personalities and feelings of each individual district and its charm. With common features such as parades, music, activities for kids and street decorations, each fiesta has its own unique style to show off residents’ individual flair and they’ve become key fixtures of things to see and do in Barcelona.

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia

Every inch of the neighbourhood is adorned with ornaments and garlands made with love and care by the neighbours. Local associations are responsible for shaking up the usual look of the neighbourhood to transform the streets into a wonderful and dazzling spectacle of colour where the buildings, lampposts and businesses all come alive. This year, the party will be even bigger as the number of streets taking part in festivities increases, now up to twenty, as part of a festival that sees up to two million visitors.

In charge of firing the starting pistol at Fiesta Mayor de Gracia celebrations this year will be writer, presenter and monologist Inma Sust. Some of the more popular features will include children’s workshops, musical performances, contests, artisan fairs, traditional food and drink plus the always colourful castellers human towers, making up a wide and varied programme of events. Activities for all tastes will make this seven-day festival in the neighbourhood of Gracia a fun time to remember. You can find more information at: www.festamajordegracia.cat

Fiesta Mayor de Sants

As for Sants neighbourhood, it will play host to another extravagant celebration and festive atmosphere in Barcelona from 20 August. Barcelona’s most famous actress and singer, Merche Mar, will kick off the party this year. Over the course of eight whole days, Sants’ streets will be taken over by castellers human towers, sardanas dancers, fire artists, music, concerts, sports and much, much more, breathing life into this 800-year-old party. You can see the full programme of events here.

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