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Fuives, a place where children can discover Catalonia’s amazing donkeys

By | 27 July, 2018 | 0 comments

Whenever you travel with children, it’s completely normal to worry about finding the best way for them to enjoy their time, as well as about how to keep them properly entertained. Though there are more and more holiday packages being specifically tailored to the whole family nowadays, the truth is, lots of them tend to be quite similar. That’s why we’re always looking for something different and exciting. A good alternative that never fails to impress is finding the balance between spectacular natural spaces and a visit to see some animals, helping everyone totally switch off from the world. But we’re not just talking about any animals here, no, we’re talking about the Catalonian donkey, widely considered the best breed in the world. To get to know this species better on an enchanting nature reserve, you simply have to visit one of the most beautiful regions in all of Barcelona, Berguedá.

Fuives: burro catalán

The HCC Ciutat de Berga Hotel had your little ones firmly in mind when designing an excursion that will give them a truly unforgettable day out.Your stay at the hotel, perfectly located in the heart of the town, will only be complemented by a visit to Fuives, the biggest Catalan donkey reserve in the world.Children are used to seeing all different kinds of animals in zoos and in pictures, but for lots of them, donkeys are almost completely unknown nowadays.With a tour of this fascinating space, full of surprises, you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with this native breed, which can only be found in Fuives.Your little ones will also get to hear all about how important these animals were to the region in previous centuries, and all the tasks they helped with out in the fields.It’s a journey through history and a look back at the origins of these donkeys that your kids can enjoy in a fun and educational way.

The Catalan donkey is a breed that’s very well-suited to a working life.They’re intelligent, steady and have just the right amount of stubbornness, something they’ve always been known for, and has often came in handy.All this can be seen by visitors, young and old alike, thanks to a visit that nobody will forget in a hurry.

As if that wasn’t enough, the farm where you’ll find the Catalan donkey sanctuary is also a fabulous natural space in itself, where you can explore local nature and tradition at its finest.Furthermore, Fuives’ zoological centre has been classified a protected countryside zone and nature reserve.A well-deserved accolade, given a tour of the facility is an immersive experience, allowing you to fully interact with the natural environment around you.

The impressive work that has gone into the centre, run by the Gassó family in Fuives for more than 40 years now, makes it well worthy of a visit.Getting to know Catalan donkeys with this excursion made available at HCC Ciutat de Berga is the best way for your kids to have a great time getting to know some animals, whilst also helping them understand the size and significance of the challenges they face in the wild every day just to survive.

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