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Barcelona proudly flies its rainbow flag for Circuit Festival

By | 30 July, 2018 | 0 comments

Eleven days of non-stop fun, more than 72,000 visitors from all over the world and a tolerant, welcoming atmosphere. Yes, it’s almost time for Circuit Festival, one of the biggest events on the planet for the gay and transgender community, which will take place once again this year in Barcelona. From 9th to 19th August, the city will fly the rainbow flag to prove, yet again, it is one of the LGBT community’s favourite cities, a worldwide icon of all things respect and hospitality.

circuit festival

This year, Barcelona will share Circuit Festival celebrations with Miami and Thailand. As such, we’re just around the corner from one of the biggest LGBT events in the world, and the largest such event in the whole of Europe. This year, record numbers of attendees are expected, with more than 72,000 people planning to be part of the fun. Barcelona will welcome visitors from all over the world, as Circuit Festival is advertised heavily in cities such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Moscow, New York, Milan and Rome, among many others. In fact, 80% of those who attend will be coming from overseas, a result of the huge amount of publicity Barcelona has organised abroad. Few events are able to bring together as many different people from as many different far-away places, including the likes of Australia, Brazil, the United States, Israel, Russia, and more.

Awaiting all these lucky visitors are eleven days packed full of amazing activities. By day, you can enjoy the wide range of summer sportson offer, such as beach volleyball and football, paddle surfing, aerobics, and lots more. But there’s also plenty of room for culture, given Circuit Festival organises various exhibitions and cultural journeys through Barcelona. At the same time, LGBT films will be screened and lectures given by a range of prestigious speakers. The perfect cocktail of fun in the sun – there’s definitely no chance you’ll get bored while you’re here.

But where the programme of events culminates is when night-time arrives. Every evening, parties of all different kinds are on the programme, so visitors can enjoy throwing some shapes until dawn. Some events will also take place in the nearby town of Hospitalet de Llobregat, so Barcelona’s surrounding areas can also showcase what they have to offer as part of the Circuit Festival.

All that’s left is to get ready for an event that will surely create a whole load of new Barcelona ‘addicts’, as so many of the event’s previous attendees come back year after year to visit the city, telling all their friends about what a great place it can be. This event will undoubtedly be an excellent ambassador for some of the city’s greatest virtues, opening Barcelona up to the world and showing its ability to put on big events.

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