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(English) Hcc taber, the privilege of staying in a modernist building

By | 21 April, 2016 | 0 comments

Hcc taber

Barcelona is intrinsically linked to Modernism. Its history cannot be understood without this art movement, whose mark can be found on the most iconic buildings in the city. Created by great minds, this artistic style is still considered avant-garde, proving artists who began the movement to be ahead of their time. Even today, these architects and artists would undoubtedly be ground-breaking individuals.

When speaking of Catalonian Modernism, people immediately think of Gaudí. Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló and Casa Milá are some of the architect’s most impressive constructions and they are sure to catch the eye of Barcelona’s visitors. However, there were other architects who brilliantly captured the spirit of the movement too, creating buildings of extraordinary beauty. A notable example is Lluís Doménech i Montaner, a contemporary of Gaudí. His ingenious mind is responsible for buildings such as The Palace of Catalonian Music and Santa Cruz & San Pablo’s Hospital, the latter being the largest example of a modernist architectural ensemble in the world.

It was also Doménech i Montaner’s mastery that created the unique building where the hcc taber hotel is located today. Situated in Aragón Street not far from Las Ramblas de Cataluña and the popular Paseo de Gracia, hcc taber has a privileged location in the center of Barcelona. It’s not all about the setting though; gracefully designed by the architect, the construction is a remarkable example of Modernism in Barcelona.

And what better way to discover Barcelona than staying at hcc taber, a hotel that honors the architectural movement that has become the main symbol of Barcelona’s beauty!

Although history plays an important role in the hcc taber hotel, its facilities have been recently renewed to provide guests with all the comfort and the latest technology. While maintaining the original façade, the 92 rooms were fully refurbished in 2014.The hotel is also equipped with two spacious conference rooms, ideal to host business meetings, family reunions etc.

Hcc taber

The hotel is also the perfect starting point for a tour around some the most breathtaking monuments of the Catalonian Modernism. Situated in Aragón Street too, another building worth visiting is the headquarters of Fundación Antonio Tapies, also designed by Doménech i Montaner. At only eight minutes walk from here, the other famous Gaudí monuments of Casa Batlló and Casa Milá can also be admired.

To spend the night at the hcc taber hotel is to immerse oneself in the mind of Doménech i Montaner, a mind full of creativity that has made a special contribution to the city and helped shape its exceptional personality.

The hotel represents the continued importance of Modernism, which has evolved with the city, giving it a fresh touch even today and welcoming visitors from around the world who are looking for an amazing experience.

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