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(English) International cuisine in the Raval Quarter

By | 24 August, 2018 | 0 comments

With wonderful cuisine from all over the world, you can start your very own culinary global tour from right here in the heart of Barcelona. And it all starts in the Raval Quarter. Its streets are lined with great places to try, full of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a whistle-stop tour of culinary delights from the world’s most varied food and drink scenes. Here, all the flavours, colours and tastes on offer in this international culinary melting pot take centre stage.

Raval Gastronomía

Raval is particularly great for those who want to escape the typical traditional flavours and instead step into a world of new tastes and aromas. Choose from the likes of Asian, Moroccan and African food to begin your tour of the world’s kitchens via a range of wonderful dishes.  International chains stand side-by-side the most authentic bars, which have been witness to the neighbourhood’s many new faces over the years, offering traditional produce in charming and friendly settings.

The most exotic food lovers will find their own taste of paradise in Trópico. Run by a Colombian and Brazilian duo, they offer the most delicious tastes of a tropical kitchen. Their famous açai – smoothies made from fruit and vegetables – along with the arepas and fried yuca are absolute must-haves. All are served up alongside freshly-squeezed and natural fruit juices.

Middle Eastern cuisine is another well-featured option in the neighbourhood, alongside various Indian delights. The perfect place to venture for a taste of that region is A Tu Bola. A small but cosy place where you can taste the most beautiful delicacies from Israeli cuisine. This venue always draws attention with its retro interiors and colourful fruits, vegetables and other produce on display. Dishes are presented in bowls in honour of how falafel should be served, from which the restaurant actually takes its name. Restaurante Maharaje serves up Indian food with a Western twist, especially popular with those who want to try Asian flavours for the very first time. The complete opposite to Asian Restaurant, which is the place to go for experts in Indian cuisine. The interior is rather simple and reminiscent of an old bar.

One type of cuisine the neighbourhood is perhaps less well-known for is Japanese food, but visitors can now try sushi, thanks to Kiku. A place with minimalist decoration and a varied menu of fish, rice, noodles and meat dishes with, of course, plenty of sushi on offer.

African cuisine is well-represented here, with lots of eateries offering great meals out at very affordable prices. Some great examples are Djam África and Foni, small places where juices and African drinks delight even the most adventurous of palates.

But it’s not just international cuisine that you’ll find in the oasis of Raval Quarter, far from it. All cuisines are available here in their droves, with plenty of restaurants where you can try vegetarian, vegan and even ovo-lacto vegetarian food. One of the pioneers in the Raval Quarter was Biocenter. Offering a self-service menu with wonderful vegetarian, vegan and ovo-lacto vegetarian options all at affordable prices. Another great option for vegetarian and vegan cooking is L’Hortet, where they focus on organically-farmed produce, as well as the MamaCafé international experience.

Make sure you try some of the wonderful international culinary options available in the Raval Quarter to really get to know the history of Barcelona’s most multicultural neighbourhood.

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